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Sandy Briggs
(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
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Sandy Briggs ski-trekking in Baffin Island, Spring 2002
Mountaineer, Arctic Traveller, Chemist, Bushwhacker, Parochial Vancouver Island Mountaineering aficionado.

Veteran of about 15 long arctic trips, including an ascent of Mt Logan via the King Trench in 1996.

Member of the Alpine Club of Canada and the Akademischer AlpenClub Zurich (AACZ)

You can check out my personal web site at

Trip Reports Insert
51 2007.05.04 Baffin Island Ski Traverse 2007
44 2003.05.23 The Snow Chasers: A Late-Spring Ski Trek in Tuktut Nogait National Park
83 1998.05.16 Devon Island Sled Hauling - To the Ragged Edge of the World
27 1990.08.21 A Quick Trip to the Behinde
26 1989.06.21 Mount Carleton, New Brunswick's High Point
25 1988.08.20 Nine Peaks, Vancouver Island
49 1986.03.01 Myrapurna: Three Attempts on Mount Myra
39 1982.07.10 The Mount Davidson 'Day Trip'
37 1977.06.12 Mountaineering in West Greenland Parts 3 & 4
42 1977.06.12 Mountaineering in West Greenland: Parts 1 & 2
Feature Photos Insert
4 2013.07.20 Sleeping Giant
8 2012.06.09 Eden Mountain from Southeast Ridge
2 2010.01.22 Mystery Peaks to Identify
10 2008.07.19 Bonanza Peak and Mount Ashwood (North)
15 2007.06.04 Qiajivik Mountain, North Baffin Island
9 2007.05.17 'Square Tower',Gibbs Fiord, Baffin Island
7 2007.05.15 Mount Longstaff, Baffin Island
7 2007.05.14 Stewart Valley Peak, Baffin Island
5 2007.05.13 Polar Sun Spire, Baffin Island
10 2007.05.13 Broad Peak, Baffin Island
9 2007.05.13 Walker Citadel, Baffin Island

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2009.01.01 Road gated for no good reason Cottonwood Main
2 2009.04.08 Deep Soft Mush Judges Route
1 2007.09.09 Gated at the Bottom Shannon Creek Road
3 2007.07.29 Driveable but Powerline under construction Nomash Main

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Discussions Insert
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