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Rick Barichello #13244
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
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4 2005.08.21 Eastern Flank of Mount Cooper and the Spokane Glacier

Road Bulletins
1 2020.08.22 Access to Torrent Creek FSR Soo Main
1 2020.08.22 Torrent Creek Spur (S20.8), active logging even on weekend S20.8 Torrent Creek Spur
3 2015.09.11 Now heavily overgrown; not for faint-hearted TransCanadaTrail bikers Upper Silverhope Ck FSR
3 2009.11.29 Very slow travel due to blowdowns Singing Pass Trail
3 2008.08.18 New trail head coordinates Salal Creek Road
5 2005.09.24 Beverley Crk bridge replaced Rainbow Lake Trail
5 2005.07.30 Sloquet Creek FSR in good 2wd condition Sloquet FSR
5 2005.07.30 Bridge repairs Lillooet River West FSR
5 2005.07.30 Doctors Crk bridge problem Harrison West - Section 2
1 2005.06.25 Update on biking this road Indian River Road
5 2005.06.07 Update on bridge repair at Doctors Creek Harrison West - Section 2

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Mtn Bike access to Upper Gun Creek, Upper Slim Creek