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Rick Collier #13
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Rick Collier on top of Mount Forbes, 1992 May (Photo R. Tivy)
Rick Collier was killed on August 15, 2012, in a climbing accident on Mount Geikie, in Mount Robson Provincial Park, near the Tonquin Valley.

Over the past 40 years, Rick Collier ascended hundreds and hundreds of peaks in the Canadian Rockies, Selkirks, Coast Range, as well as in the US, South America, Europe, and New Zealand - no peak was too obscure for him, and no peak too well-known either. He was the first to climb all 54 of the 11,000' peaks in the Canadian Rockies without use of air support (on August 25, 2005, he climbed -- with Alstair Desmoulins, David Henry, & Michael Graham -- a newly discovered 11,000er -- Mt. Warren (11,050')).

Living in Calgary, he retired from teaching at Mount Royal College in 1996 and along with the other "old goats" intensified his climbing schedule. Rick was one of the active founding members of the Old Goats Climbing Club. On August 18, 2004, with Bob Saunders and Martin Taylor he climbed the Feuz/Gardiner route on Mt. Prince Edward (10,650 feet) for his 1000th ascent. On September 18, 2005, with Manfred Czechak, David Henry, and Michael Graham, he finally struggled to the summit of Split Peak (9610') to complete his project of climbing all the peaks in the Southern Rockies listed in the classic 1973 edition of the Guidebook (approx. 572). He also finished off all the peaks in Kane's Scramble book in 2006 and climbed all the named summits on the continental divide between the US border and Saskatchewan River Crossing (2005).

He was working on (1) all the peaks between 10,850' and 11,000' in the Rockies (33 peaks, 25 climbed), (2) all the named peaks on the topographic maps not listed in any of the various guidebooks, (3) Andrew Nugara's Scrambles book (2 remaining).

In addition to his Bivouac photos, there are more of his photos (without captions) at Flickr

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Trip Reports Insert
23 2011.09.05 Whistler Gladstone Traverse
48 2011.08.28 Bovine Lake and Mount Jutland Circuit
11 2011.08.28 La Coulette Area Trip Report
47 2011.08.28 Traverse of Lys Peak and West Castle
10 2011.08.18 Whitegoat Travels Northeast of Nigel Pass and Beyond
40 2011.08.13 An Ascent of Mount Boswell in Waterton NP
37 2011.08.05 A New Route on Peak Spring-Rice S2
41 2011.08.03 An Ascent of Queens Peak
42 2011.08.01 Coral Peak and Fresnoy Mountain
45 2011.07.31 A Stormy Ascent of Spring-Rice
41 2011.07.25 Ascents of Arras Peak and Vimy Ridge Apex
Feature Photos Insert
12 2011.09.24 Saddle Peak from the Northwest
6 2011.09.24 Aylmer from the Southeast
11 2011.09.24 Poltergeist Peak
6 2011.09.24 Devils Head from the Southwest (Telephoto)
4 2011.09.24 Devil's Head
6 2011.09.24 The Summit of Pakakos Mountain
6 2011.09.23 The Ramparts of the Northeast Ridge of Pakakos Mountain
5 2011.09.12 The True Summit of Mummery South
4 2011.09.12 Mount Poland at Sunrise
6 2011.09.12 Mount Poland from the Lower Mummery Glacier
5 2011.09.12 The Northeast Face of Mummery South

Road/Trail Bulletins
7 2011.08.28 Trail is a true delight Grizzly Creek Trail
7 1993.07.01 Used top end of this road Kishinena FSR
7 2001.07.02 Drove this road from west to Grizzly Creek Kishinena FSR
7 2011.08.28 Hiked up this trail to Bovin Lake Bovin Lake Trail
7 2002.08.17 Hiked up this trail enroute to The Marshall Assiniboine Lake Trail
7 2000.07.06 Drove to gate then hiked Boivin Creek FSR
7 2008.07.21 Drove short distance before washout Swanson Creek Road
7 2008.07.21 Drove road all the way to pass Haynes Queen Creek Road
7 2008.07.14 Used road to get to Mause Tanglefoot Trail Mause Creek Road
7 1994.07.06 Used Scalp trail with Mtn bikes Scalp Creek Trail
7 1997.08.01 Used this trail to climb Russell Peak Russell Peak Trail

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