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Graeme Pole #119
(Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada)  
Author photo: Doug McConnery
Mountaineer, photographer, and award-winning writer, Graeme Pole, has ascended 250 peaks in the Canadian Rockies - some greater, mostly lesser. He spent twelve years at Field, BC, and three before that at Lake Louise. His favourite haunts are the front ranges of Banff and Jasper. In his writing and in his mountain travels, Graeme has consistently advocated self-propelled travel, and has spoken out against the incremental urbanization and commercialization of landscapes.

Graeme is the author of four guidebooks: "Canadian Rockies SuperGuide" (now out of print); "Canadian Rockies Explorer"; "Walks and Easy Hikes in the Canadian Rockies"; and "Classic Hikes in the Canadian Rockies".

Graeme's most recent publication is the novel, "Siren Call." He has published one environmental novel, "Healy Park". Graeme has written five history books, including "Summit Tales" - an illustrated history of early mountaineering in the Rockies. Graeme continues with writing. He lives with his family near Hazelton, BC, where he serves as a paramedic and paramedic instructor. Website:

Trip Reports Insert
35 2014.08.16 Kispiox Mountain, north ridge via trail
16 1996.08.10 Whaleback Mountain Traverse
28 1996.08.01 Waputik - Southwest Slopes
24 1995.09.04 Yoho - North Slopes Traverse
34 1994.09.06 Deville - South ridge
23 1990.08.05 Dip Slope Mountain, west flank, first recorded ascent
16 1988.10.08 Buffalo Peak (Bison) - West Face
20 1988.07.14 Bosworth-Paget Horseshoe
24 1987.09.01 Molar Mountain, southwest slopes, regular route
18 1986.08.06 Lychnis - North Ridge
21 1986.07.31 Noseeum - South Slopes - Traverse
Feature Photos Insert
7 2019.07.02 Noseeum Peak and Noseeum SE1 from Molar Meadows
5 2019.07.02 Dolomite Peak from Molar Meadows
6 2019.06.30 Mount Hector from Devon Mountain
5 2019.06.30 A Wild, Crumbling Twin-Pack
5 2019.06.30 Willingdon, Crown, and South Tower from Devon Mountain
5 2019.06.30 Mount Willingdon from Devon Mountain
9 2019.06.30 Summit Ridge of Devon Mountain
10 2019.06.30 Cataract Peak from the Pipestone Valley
7 2019.06.30 Drummond Group from the north
6 2019.06.30 Deep Mountains
8 2014.08.16 Kispiox N3

Road/Trail Bulletins
4 2014.08.16 Used this road to climb Kispiox Mtn Date Creek FSR
4 2014.08.06 Used road to climb Kispiox D-1800 Spur

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25 A Short Guide to Shortcuts (Humor)

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