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Scott Nelson #115
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
Here I am after descending the N. Arete of Wedge Mountain
I graduated in 2003 from UBC Engineering Physics but I'm still a VOCer at heart. I enjoy backcountry skiing, hiking, mountaineering, alpine climbing and even a little cragging in squamish now and again.

Lately I've become very involved with a VOC project to establish a cleared and flagged winter route form roe creek to the brew hut. You can read about this project at

Trip Reports Insert
47 2010.04.04 Telemagique Ridge Ski Loop
34 2008.04.16 North Joffre Creek Horseshoe
25 2008.04.06 Beverley Creek Route Exploration and Flagging (Callaghan Valley)
42 2008.02.03 Blue Steel Pose: Beverley Creek to Beverley Lake and Beyond
93 2006.04.15 Across the Coast Mountains: From Taseko Lake to Bute Inlet
45 2005.09.18 Mount Gillespie and Bears
58 2005.08.06 North Ridge of Mount Baker
40 2005.07.01 Hurley Silver Mine to Seton Portage via Lost Valley
27 2005.05.28 Heat Exhaustion on Mount Garibaldi
88 2004.04.29 Losing Weight: From Slim to Meager (Lillooet Icefield Traverse)
34 2004.01.01 Mount Taillefer Loop from Brian Waddington Hut
Feature Photos Insert
7 2010.04.04 Valley along the Top of Telemagique Ridge
9 2010.04.04 Telemagique Summit from Pass to North
3 2001.12.30 Guard Pass
8 2001.12.30 Skiing up to Guard Pass
6 2001.08.01 Rainier and the Muir Snowfield
13 2001.08.01 Sunrise at the Crater Rim
7 2001.06.02 Mount Niobe Reflection
13 2001.05.21 Wedge - North Arete Variations
7 2001.05.20 Getting ready below Mt. Weart
9 2001.05.20 West Face of Lesser Wedge Mountain

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2019.07.24 Snow free, heavily flagged Mount Price Trail
3 2019.05.05 A little snow just before Blue Gentian Lake Blue Gentian Trail
3 2019.05.05 Would be 4WD LC if not gated Lawson Creek Road
1 2019.04.21 Continuous snow and new shortcut trail Marriott Basin Road
1 2018.10.21 New bridge ready for winter Hanging Lake Winter Trail
1 2018.07.29 Trail clear, superb swimming Roe-Brew Trail
1 2018.07.29 Fine to R200 branch, impassible beyond C3.0 Roe Creek Road
2 2018.07.29 AWD fine R5.3 Brew Hut Branch
2 2018.06.17 snow free New BCMC Trail
2 2018.04.21 Edna main? Edna Main (E)
3 2018.04.21 2 feet of snow at start, signed as "Edna main" E0.8 Callaghan West Mainline

Equipment Reviews Insert
Trab Duo Climbing Skins

General Articles Insert

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