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Reynold Schmidt #1134
(Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada)
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from the archives
I was introduced to the mountains, on skis and by foot, by my Dad at about age three - fond memories of the Popfly rope tow and winter camping on Strachan, where building jumps, hiking for the turns, packing your own trail up and down and tree skiing were the norm. Backpacking and mountaineering, preferably summitting on those clear warm days is a favourite pastime in summer, and skiing on stormy deep powder days in winter is bliss.

Trip Reports InsertFeature Photos Insert
7 2008.10.15 Diadem Mountain Southeast Slopes
4 2007.02.05 Mount Steele Dreamworld
11 2001.12.13 Diadem Mountain
13 2001.08.11 Solo and Free on the Black Tusk
3 1998.06.16 Tantalus: View from the Northwest
4 1993.02.03 Multiple Ski Tracks Stabilize a Slope?
10 1983.04.10 Whistler - The Good Old Days

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2008.09.06 McNair Road and Trail update McNair Creek Road
1 2008.11.15 Road in reasonable HC 4x4 condition. Gray Creek Road
3 2008.08.20 Log cleared, road driveable to end with HC 4WD Cayoosh Upper Road
1 2007.07.25 Safety barriers installed at 3 km Gray Creek Road
1 2007.07.28 ATV access past Pykett slide S_1.3 Ashlu Main (A)
2 2005.09.18 Oopsram Mount Outram Trail
2 2004.09.13 Rockfall in dry conditions too Ashnola River Road - Section 2
1 2004.03.28 Road clear to parking lot Gray Creek Road

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