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Mike Cleven #11291
(New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada)  
Mike Cleven c.2001
Non-mountaineer, but "son of the frontier", raised in the Bridge River-Lillooet Country and in the Stave Valley area of Mission District, although I've been based in and around Vancouver and its 'burbs since 72, excepting travel and time spent in Victoria and back upcountry sometimes. Among my many hobbies is a large website dedicated to the history and scenery of the Bridge River-Lillooet. A subdirectory there is an unfinished history and phrasebook of the Chinook Jargon - Among too many other (unpaid) hats, I am also a composer and those of you who take the time to explore some of my improvisations will hopefully be reminded of the mountains and canyon-dales of the Interior - especially in the sections of works for brass/horns and organ. Even more vaingloriously, in my earlier days I was a bit of a raving poet, wandering the mountain roads and surviving as I could while trying to fathom the meaning of the world. Silly me. But among my writings there is a collection called The Frontier which rhapsodizes on wild nature and on mountains - or on my lostling life amid them - with many of the verses there inspired by or at least set/written within the Bridge River-Lillooet Country.

Chinook Jargon

Trip Reports Insert
15 2004.10.15 History of Dil Dil Plateau and other Things
10 1978.07.15 Deeks Lake in Times gone by
Feature Photos Insert
5 Winter 2003 Northwest Bendor Peaks from Gun Lake area
3 Winter 1996 View of Whitecap Peak from Seton Beach
2 Winter 1996 View of Seton Canyon (Nkoomptch) from across Fraser
2 Winter 1996 Bluffs above Applespring Creek
4 Winter 1948 Lillooet: View across from Hop Farm, Winter 1948
3 Unknown Fountain Peak from 14 Mile (Gibbs Creek)
4 Summer 1996 Fountain Ridge - the Airport Crags and the Bleeding Heart
4 Summer 1996 View of Seton Lake from Shalalth
3 Summer 1996 The Lillooet Cattle Trail along Seton Lake
3 Summer 1992 Detail of top area of Marble Canyon
2 Summer 1962 Beach at Jones (Wahleach) Lake, Summer 1962

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2002.02.12 road updated BC Highway 31A - New Denver to Kaslo
5 2003.10.04 "Idealizing" the road caused problems with junctions Bridge River Road - Section 3
1 2003.08.26 Hwy 4 updated from Basemap Highway 4 - Section 2
3 2003.08.19 I disagree, Paul (about closing the North Shore woods) Grouse Grind
3 2003.08.19 Retitled Bridge Lake Hwy as Hwy 24 Highway 24
3 2003.07.13 Hwy 97C (Okanagan Connector) initialized from MapView BC-97C/5A (Okanagan Connector)
3 2003.08.13 Coquihalla Hwy updated from MapView null
3 2003.08.08 In ref to Drew's comment Yale-Spuzzum Powerline Road
3 2003.07.31 Pat Bay Highway (Hwy 17) initialized from MapView Pat Bay Highway
3 2003.07.28 Lucky Strike Mine Road initialized from MapView Lucky Strike Mine Road
5 2003.07.28 Steep Creek Mine Road initialized from MapView Steep Creek Mine Road

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General Articles Insert

Discussions Insert
Bullshit names in Lillooet area have to be reversed
Challenger Map at The Bay
Efficient Prominencing Issues
Explanation and notes on "Spire Measure" and other peak-values (by David Metzler)
Long-distance prominencing issues ref. Fairweather, Logan, Robson etc
Note on Compass Boxing vs True Bearings
Peak culling going overboard
Possible prominence timesaver - "winprom" program
Spire Measure, "Precipicity" and other relief-oriented mountain-evaluating systems
Suggestion: "Proposed Names" field ("eyes only") partly in ref to Cy5 => "Big Pony Mtn"?
US-based prominence lists for Canada, BC and Washington