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Simon Chesterton #1111
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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Atop Snowspider Mountain - Aug 2011
Got into hiking back in 1995 and have enjoyed ascending many peaks since then. The past six years I've concentrated on all new for me ascents and find myself driving The Sea To Sky Highway past Whistler many times a year.
Trip Reports Insert
47 2018.07.22 White Peak, Olds and Oleg from Spetch Creek
63 2018.05.27 Lil'wat Mountain from Spetch Creek
61 2018.05.12 Peers Peak (Manson Ridge)
53 2017.05.07 Mount Coulter (Hope Slide Area)
52 2016.10.12 Mount Watson (Baker Lake area)
65 2016.09.15 Horseshoe Basin (Pasayten Wilderness) Loop
57 2016.03.28 Armstrong Peak near Keremeos Columns
39 2015.11.28 Fat Dog Peak on Snowshoes (Manning Park)
53 2010.06.30 A Southwest Approach To Tulameen Mountain
49 2010.05.11 Mount Jukes Bike, Hike and Snowshoe
51 2009.05.30 Appian Mountain from Furry Creek Roads
Feature Photos Insert
9 2018.08.05 Hynes Peak and Tricouni Meadows
11 2018.07.22 Mount Olds and White Peak (Place Glacier)
12 2018.05.27 Mount Oleg and White Peak (Upper Spetch Creek)
10 2017.09.02 Elusive and Elusive SW3
12 2017.05.07 Mount Potter from Mount Coulter
14 2016.10.12 Watson Lakes and Bacon Peak
15 2016.09.30 The Nipple, Laughlan, Laughlan S1 and Schist Cap from Kootomin
8 2016.09.22 Coleman Pinnacle, Mount Baker and Lasiocarpa Ridge
12 2016.09.15 Arnold and Horseshoe from Rock
15 2016.09.15 Windy Peak from Horseshoe Mountain
13 2016.09.13 Tiffany Mountain from Middle Tiffany

Road/Trail Bulletins
8 2019.05.20 Markers On Grouse Side Dreamweaver Trail
3 2019.05.11 Good Trail, A Couple of Minor Blowdowns Camel Hump Trail
3 2019.05.09 Smooth 2wd to Muse/Ida North Trailhead S5.9 Ida Spur
3 2019.05.09 Upper Section 2wd Shaw Road
3 2019.05.09 Hiked to "Muse Peak" (Mount Ida East Peak) Mount Ida Trail
3 2019.05.09 Ditched Between km 0.7 and 4.2 North Ida FSR
3 2019.05.05 Drove to km 8 and partway up a spur road American Creek FSR
8 2019.04.24 Used to access "Insight Peak" and Chawuthen Peak Hunter Creek - East Spur
3 2019.04.24 New logging part way up Eureka Creek road
1 2019.04.24 Drove to junction at IPP intake/Hunter East Spur Hunter Creek Road
3 2019.04.20 A Few Waterbars Mount Woodside FSR

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