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Shelley Wales #10501
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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Hanging out with my boy and the big horn sheep - Wilcox Pass area
Ah... the mountains, like everyone on this site I am completely in love. Have been since my dad put me on my first pair of skis as soon as I could walk and the snow started to fly.

I count my self very lucky to live in a place as diverse and beautiful as BC and to have a little boy who is just as enchanted by it all as I am.

Maybe I will see you out there.

Trip Reports Insert
26 2016.08.20 Samuel Glacier Trail - Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park
37 2016.06.28 Sunshine Mountain, Cadwallader Range
22 2016.06.27 Off the Hurley, Green Mountain Trail
26 2011.09.01 Boulder Gardens - Scramblers Paradise
24 2011.08.30 Albright Ridge - Waylaid by An Ancient Sea
25 2007.05.19 Riding the Rails - Mountain Biking from Tulameen to Princeton
19 2005.09.30 Burkholder Lake
20 2005.09.28 To Hell And Back - Attempt of Sebring NW6 (Peak 8500 Fell Creek)
31 2005.05.22 Hiking up Brent Mountain
37 2003.08.18 Tweedsmuir Provincial Park - Ptarmigan lake area
37 2002.08.24 Elton Lake, third time lucky?
Feature Photos Insert
12 2016.08.21 Nadahini Mountain and Peaks - Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park
6 2016.08.21 Samuel Glacier and Peaks - Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park
6 2016.08.20 Mineral Lakes area - Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park
9 2016.08.20 St. Elias Mountains from Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park
9 2016.06.28 Sunshine Mountain
6 2016.06.27 Sloan and Upper Ault Lakes from Green Mountain
7 2016.06.27 Ridge from Green to Land
6 2016.06.27 Gold Bridge area from Green Mountain
4 2014.08.22 Ogilvie Mountians, Yukon
4 2014.08.21 Richardson Range, NWT
6 2014.08.16 Cairnes Peak, Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2017.06.25 Parks description misleading Helm Creek Trail
1 2016.12.10 Parking By the houses in Ring Creek Diamond Head Road
1 2016.10.03 road work but drivable to 5500' Blowdown Creek Road
2 2016.07.10 Bloom Started Heather Trail
3 2016.07.01 still in good shape and busy Mission Mountain Road
3 2016.07.01 Good Shape, Busy Anderson Highline Road
1 2016.06.29 Decent Shape Kingdom Lake FSR
5 2016.06.27 Don't think this is in use any more Green Mountain spur
2 2015.05.16 Clear of Snow Joffre Lakes Trail
3 2014.05.19 Snow free to Sining Creek Cheakamus Lake Trail
1 2014.05.19 snow free starting to rut Cheakamus Lake Road

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Discussions Insert
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Has anyone cycled the icefields parkway?
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