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Chris Nott #10332
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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My hiking career started in university with an overnighter to the clearcuts north of Port Moody with better equiped friends. Using a garbage bag and an umbrella as shelter and no protection from the bugs, I got no sleep. Somehow, I got enough out of the experience to attempt 2 weeklong solo hikes in Tasmania when I spent 4 months in Australia after university. Since then, I've steadily increased my involvement with hiking. I graduated from a mostly-dayhiker to a mostly-overnighter. I've moved from the crowded trails of the local hills to lonely routes further afield (but still within about 5 hours drive of Vancouver). I can't claim to be a mountaineer, a climber or even a peak-bagger. Meadows are my thing. I love nothing more than miles of flat grassy plains surrounded by glaciers and peaks. I usually climb only if something rocky stands between me and a meadow (or I think I can see something meadowy from the top). I commonly haunt the Duffy Lake corridor and the Southern Chilcotins.
Trip Reports Insert
43 2006.09.02 Direct Access to the Peaks west of the Lost Valley
Feature Photos Insert
6 2018.07.16 Mt Weinhold as seen from the Weinhold memorial on Standard Ridge
4 2016.07.24 Sad Peak from the west ridge
9 2010.08.25 View of the Northern Liberated Group Peaks
11 2010.08.24 Mount Dartmouth and Tredcroft Glacier

Road/Trail Bulletins
1 2019.06.10 Some potholes and isolated rutting Hurley River Road
3 2019.06.10 Re-routed trail Spruce Lake Trail
3 2019.06.07 Recommissioning Ault Creek Road
3 2019.05.26 Largely unchanged Evans Peak Trail
3 2019.05.20 Slippery mud when wet Empire Valley Road
3 2019.05.19 Similar condition as Empire Valley Rd; AWD helpful Black Dome Road
3 2019.05.20 Muddy when wet Dog Creek Canoe Creek Road
1 2019.05.12 Minor blowdown; upper exit trail obscured High Falls Trail
1 2019.05.11 Noticed a parallel trail network in the forest at lower elevations Harvey Creek Spur
3 2019.05.11 Largely clear Lions Trail
1 2019.05.04 Clear, well marked Harvey SW Ridge Trail

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