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Robin Tivy #1
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
In Bivouac Headquarters, April 2001
OK, here's my life story: I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and grew up in the Maritime provinces of eastern Canada. I graduated from Engineering school at University of Toronto. While working in Toronto I took my motorcycle on a trip to Newfoundland and a girl there introduced me to the mountains. About a week later, while driving back through Maine, I suddenly experienced epiphany and realized I should dump my life in Toronto and go west to the mountains. so I sold my motorcycle and house, and bought a 1966 Econoline van and headed west. When I arrived in Calgary, I learned this new word "bivouac" which I really liked the sound of, and so I took on the name of "Captain Bivouac". A year later I moved to Vancouver to go to back to school, something to do while going to the mountains. After getting an MBA, I went tree planting. I wanted to be a writer. So I was a technical writer, but all the jobs were on computer projects that were out of control. (that's why they try to hire writers). Eventually I decided it made more sense to design the messes rather than document other people's messes. So I was a database programmer.

But every job I had was temporary, and I wanted to do something more permanent. When the internet came along, I was so excited, and that is what started Bivouac. In the next couple of years I spent most of my savings on operating a money losing company to make internet databases. But eventually I stumbled on a practical technology, and that became

Bivouac became something because of volunteers. It wasn't just a guidebook written by one person, it became a guidebook written by dozens. Through the website, I met numerous new contacts, and some pretty talented programmers. I try to get to know something about each of the key contributors personally. Between 1995 and 2000, we tried various ideas with Bivouac, but things really started working in 2000 when it turned into an Encyclopedia. Don't ever believe that MBA stuff about the need for formal "business plans". The real way small businesses work is by evolution. You never really know how events will unfold.

My own trip reports soon faded into the background of the great guidebook like collections you see today. But I still keep writing new stories, every time I go somewhere new. I'll look in bivouac, and find a peak or area for which there is very little information, and that will be my motivation to go there. I always wanted to be a reporter.

Trips Insert
54 2020.07.25 Seed and Gilespie Peaks from Mamquam Roads
63 2020.09.06 Griswold Pass, Wolverine Pass, Slim Creek Loop
70 2020.09.14 Revisit Mcgillivrary Pass and climb of Whitecap
20 1998.06.30 Stoltmann Wilderness Trail from the South
48 1997.05.24 Overseer Mountain and Harrison Hut
28 1995.09.21 Free Will Peak via Stoltmann Wilderness Trail North
44 1976.08.20 West Coast Trail in the muddy old days
53 1976.12.19 Whirlpool Expedition - A Christmas Story
45 1981.04.15 The Endless Skies of Spring - Manatee Peak
52 1992.08.01 Judge Howay - First Attempt
29 1998.04.19 Snowspider Hut via Cerise Ck and Vantage Col
Photo Essays Insert
13 1976.05.24 South Twin from Columbia Trench
11 1992.05.20 Mount Lyell from Camp on Lyell Icefield
11 1992.05.11 Mount Forbes and North Glacier from Lyell Icefield
6 1992.08.02 Tom Zarzecki Looking for the Judge Howay Hanging Valley
6 1978.10.08 Mount Hector Final Peak
6 2000.09.05 Solitary Alpine Paintbrush below Taseko Mountain
8 2001.09.01 Along Simon Creek
9 2001.08.28 Beacon Lake in Jasper Park
12 2002.08.20 Approaching Cocoa Crater
11 2002.08.22 Approaching Tsekone Peak (Black Knight Cone)
16 2002.08.22 Mount Edziza From the Northwest

Road Bulletins
1 2021.01.07 Road clear to chainup Diamond Head Road
8 2021.01.07 We broke winter route, wands almost buried Elfin Hut Winter Route
1 2021.01.05 Test Ashlu Main
1 2020.12.22 Road jammed to below picnic area Cypress Bowl Road
3 2020.12.12 Skied to Gargoyles Saddle Elfin Lakes Trail
1 2020.12.12 Road bare almost to parking lot Diamond Head Road
3 2020.12.05 Biked over and hiked up Dreamweaver Trail
5 2020.11.29 Road smooth, drive to 680m Sq20.3 Shovelnose Spur
3 2020.11.29 Drove to Shovelnose spur at 20.3km Squamish Main
5 2020.11.07 We biked up this to the Paton Peak Trailhead Seymour Valley Trailway
5 2020.11.07 Trail good for hike to Coliseum Mtn Paton Lookout Trail

Equipment Reviews Insert
2018.11.16 Meindl Himalaya Hiking Boots
2018.11.15 Arcteryx Alpha FL 45 Alpine Backpack
2018.02.22 Noco GB40 Lithium Jump Starter
2017.10.25 Thule Podium Fixpoint Foot Pack - Roof Racks 460
2017.01.10 Arcteryx Theta AR Jacket
2016.04.04 G3 Targa Telemark Bindings
2015.11.01 Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp
2015.10.30 Coghlans 21" Folding Handsaw
2014.10.15 Delorme InReach SE
2014.01.23 Rossignol bcx5 Nordic Norm Ski boots
2013.10.04 MSR Hubba Hubba HP Tent

General Articles Insert
2018.02.14 Weight-Size Relationship for Ski Boots
2018.01.23 Installing Tire Chains
2017.10.25 Assembly of Thule 460 "Fixed Point" roof racks
2017.02.13 USB Headlamp Comparisons
2016.11.13 Sev Heiberg 1926-2016
2016.03.13 Photo Orientation Discussion
2015.01.28 Bivouac member Stephanie Grothe killed Jan 11 on Joffre
2014.09.19 GPS Hardware Buyer's Guide (and comparison table)
2014.08.28 Comparing Satellite Communicators (Delorme InReach versus SPOT or Sat Phones)
2014.08.28 White Gas Stove Comparison Factors
2014.08.28 History of White Gas Stoves

Discussions Insert
2020.09.23 USB Battery Packs
2020.09.23 GPS Track Log Power Consumption
2020.08.26 White Gas Versus Canister Stoves
2020.07.01 Trouble Ticket Discussion - GMap Problem
2020.04.03 COVID-19 Rules Discussion
2020.02.18 Binding Attachment Systems - Machine Screws
2019.07.30 Road Revision Discussion
2019.02.18 Mountain Inclusion Guidelines Discussion
2019.02.06 Armchair Analysis - Train Wreck at Spiral Tunnels
2018.11.12 Vibram Soles and Boot Repair
2018.10.12 The elusive discount on Canadian oil sands