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High Prominence Alpine Peaks with no Recorded Ascent
This list is compiled simply by going through the database and displaying peaks with no recorded ascent. As soon as someone submits a report of climbing a given peak, it will disappear off the list.

Minimum Height:   Minimum Prominence:   Province:
1. Mount Sylvia BC Official (100 km NE of Fort Ware). 29401559
2. Thudaka Peak BC Official (91 km NW of Fort Ware). 27481736
3. Buckwell Peak BC Geographic (77 km W of Haines). 27211971
4. Basement Peak BC Geographic (98 km W of Haines). 27061566
5. Sharktooth Mountain BC Official (119 km E of Dease Lake). 26681653
6. Mount Wotzke BC Official (67 km NE of Horsefly). 25971556
7. Unuk Peak BC Geographic (51 km N of Stewart). 25951730
8. Detour Peak BC Geographic (101 km S of Haines Junction). 25501906
9. Kaza Mountain BC Official (37 km E of Wells). 25431573
10. Gataga Peak BC Geographic (72 km N of Fort Ware). 25331515
11. Whiting Peak BC Geographic (89 km E of Juneau). 25241669
12. Lehua Mountain BC Official (79 km NW of Stewart). 24691659
13. Bel Canto Peak BC Provisional (65 km E of Juneau). 24151710
14. Mount Lester Jones BC Official (83 km NE of Juneau). 24081658
15. Faisal Peak BC Standing (111 km S of Iskut). 22391669
16. Vile Peak BC Geographic (109 km E of Stewart). 21891551

Below are peaks that we think have been ascended, but we can't find any actual record of the ascent. (The FirstAscent field contains the string 'unknown ascent'. If you are an editor and find a record of the ascent, edit the mountain record (fill in the FirstAscentDate and FirstAscentParty.
0. Otter Mountain Official (20 km NE of Stewart). 26922242
1. Pukeashun Mountain Official (27 km N of Anglemont). 23011696
2. Morton Peak Geographic (12 km SE of Sicamous). 22451690