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Articles that directly contain the term Communicators. or one of the following narrower terms   PLB   radio   vhf   marine   spot device   satellite phone   inreach   epirb   satellite text device   cell phone.
Definition: Anything that you can use to contact the outside world. PLB means personal locator beacon, a device like an EPIRB, except personal, not for plane crashes.
 Radios include VHF, UHF, marine radios.
There are 18 articles that match.

Reference Article
  BC Resource Road radio channels Andrew Wong
  Comparing Satellite Communicators (Delorme InReach versus SPOT or Sat Phones) Robin Tivy
  GPS on SmartPhones - Update Steve Grant
  Cell Phone Interference with Avalanche Transeivers Steve Grant
  GPS on Smartphones - Off-line Mapping Steve Grant

  ICOM IC-F3011 VHF two-way radio Andrew Wong
  Delorme InReach SE Robin Tivy
  Motorola RDU4103 two-way radio Andrew Wong
  Spot Personal Tracker Mitch Thornton
  Vertex VX-150 VHF Rescue Radio Tom Wolfe

  Comparison of Garmin GPS versus Smartphone Robin Tivy
  McMurdo Fastfind Ranger Discussion Robin Tivy
  Solar Chargers, battery packs and Cell Phones Robin Tivy
  Spot locator beacons - are they reliable? Robert Wilson

2014.10.08   Tutorial - Delorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator   Open