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An Easy Day Trip Ascent of Mount Soderholm
Timestamp Free: 2021.01.27 - 00:51:36
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Blue Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1300m
Participants: Phil Richards, Vern Dewit
Difficulty: 2: Easy scrambling, possibly some snow.
A remote but easy scramble route up Mount Soderholm in the Blue Range.
Mount Soderholm has been on my radar for quite a few years now. In 2009 I got some nice winter views from Snow Peak, in 2014 I got views from Mount Warre and in 2018 I got even more perspectives on it from nearby peaks such as Currie and Brussilof. The complication with Soderholm was always going to be about accessing the peak more than ascending it. This relatively obscure mountain is located off the grid in the Blue Range of the Rockies between Height of the Rockies Park and Assiniboine Provincial Park in British Columbia. There is no easy approach. In 1995 the indefatigable Rick Collier made a possible first ascent of the north glacier and snow field from the Cross River to the north. In 1996, Alistair and Gail Des Moulins forged a route up the SW side of the peak which instantly caught the attention of Phil Richards and myself while perusing David Jones new Rockies South guidebook. It was a matter of time before we'd attempt this peak and for some or another reason that time turned out to be Friday June 26 2020 before a weekend of more rainy, cool weather moved in to ruin other plans.

As noted previously, the main issue with Soderholm was going to be getting there. Many folks would likely prefer to camp near the trailhead and for good reason. I woke up at 03:50 on Friday morning and was out the door heading for Canmore at just after 04:00 - with faint light already appearing on the eastern horizon! I was at Phil's house at 05:30 and proceeded the long drive to Settlers Road along hwy 93 south near Radium, BC. I've driven Settlers Road a few times and it's always in surprisingly good shape due to the active mining and resorts sitting along it. The question I was asking myself was what condition the Cross River Road would be in this early in the season...

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