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An Easy Day Trip Ascent of Mount Abruzzi
Timestamp Free: 2021.01.15 - 11:45:44
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1850m
Participants: Wietse Bylsma, Vern Dewit
Difficulty: 2: When dry this is a Class 2 route. With snow you might want crampons and an ax to ascend the huge west gully from Deep Lake.
An easy hike and scramble route up Mount Abruzzi via the Middle Fork Trail and Deep Lake.
For years now I've wanted to scramble Mount Abruzzi located right on the border of Height of the Rockies Provincial Park and Elk Lakes Provincial Park in British Columbia. At 3268m (10,722') it is the highest peak in Elk Lakes Provincial Park and one of the highest in the area. The biggest issue I had with Abruzzi was the astounding lack of beta, especially on any other route than the longest one via Forsyth Creek that many of my friends have done. At almost 60km and 2000m height gain, that route takes at least 1 night, most folks take 2. I knew there were much shorter routes but it was tough finding any beta relative to them. Over the years I put together three other viable routes, all from near the end of the White River FSR - driving from Canal Flats past Whiteswan Lake roughly 72km off hwy 93/95. The first was a route from the Maiyuk Pass trailhead, past Goat Lake down to Deep Lake and up a huge west gully to the summit. The second was via Maiyuk Pass down to Connor Lakes and then up the easy SE glacier to the summit. The third, and the one we took was via the Middle Fork Trail and Deep Lake, up a huge west gully below the false summit and from there to the top. (We knew the gully was relatively easy thanks to an old trip report on Bivouac that is very short on any other details.) Thanks to updated road access reports from Greg Jones on (updated this year) I was able to drive 6km up the west side of the White River on the Middle White-Sylvain Pass Road to an official trailhead for Middle Fork Trail. This trailhead is not mentioned in any guide books or online trip reports that I could find - all of these mention hiking up the White River the whole extra 6km (each way), adding an unnecessary 12km and around 200m height gain to the trip. This...

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