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Cottonwood Canyon Narrows (GSENM)
Timestamp Free: 2021.01.26 - 22:47:26
Ranges: North America Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 55m
Participants: Lucas Earl, Joe Fiorillo, Sean Hokanson, Carson, Mike
Difficulty: 1: Easy wash hiking
Short hike through the narrows of Cottonwood Canyon.
This is the 9th and final hike in a series from a Utah 2020 Road Trip

Weather: Warm, mostly cloudy

~ ~ ~ ~

Cottonwood Wash was a good roadside opportunity to see some narrows, which Carson and Mike had not yet seen during their shortened visit. This route is interesting in that it has two easy entrances, north and south, due to the rotated nature of the surrounding rock. (The Cocks Comb, also nearby, is a feature that typifies this area as being similar to the San Rafael Reef or Waterpocket Fold.)

We shuttled the vehicles such that we could hike from north to south (downcanyon).

[photo]01_n_th.jpg[caption]North TH parking. Behind and to the left are the lower rock formations that make up the Cockscomb[/photo]

After entering the narrow part of the canyon, we turned right and hiked a short distance to view the upper narrows, before returning south to the main portion. While this canyon is not as spectacular as some of the others we had visited, there were some nice spots with high walls and a sizable partial alcove.

[photo]02_narrows_up.jpg[caption]Portion of the narrows upcanyon from the North TH.[/photo]

[photo]03_narrows_down.jpg[caption]Portion of the narrows with a sizable partial alcove downcanyon from the North TH. This canyon passes the same Navajo Sandstone we'd seen earlier in the week, but it more yellow compared to the reds of the Escalante region.[/photo]

The lower portion of the canyon widened quickly, but the wash was still pleasant to walk in. It was then easy to spot the egress point back to the road, where the canyon makes a sharp left turn. The whole trip took only about an hour.

This hike was more of a walk, and a nice sidetrip if driving the Cottonwood Road. However it was probably not worth the...

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