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Sigurd lake and Varor (Sigurd Peak circumnavigate)
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.21 - 13:58:16
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 1500m
Participants: Myself and wife, 2 friends, the 2 kids (3 months and 2 years) and 2 dogs.
Difficulty: 1: Some route findings, mild bushwacking
Up Pokosha creek trail, rough trail to Sigurd lake and then down the the meadows, then out the Sigurd creek trail
Took Squamish valley road, then up Ashlu Main which is easy driving aside from some minor pothole dodging. Road gets rougher up A600, and you get stopped at the washout across Pokosha creek (there is a foot bridge in good shape). The spur 6.5a is also drivable, but it doesn't seem like it connects well to the Pokosha creek trail. It is also washed out after ~500m. There was some newer flagging; one mentioned a mining lease boundary - maybe some new owner is looking at opening the mine again? Pokosha creek trail is in great shape; well flagged and worn, and even brush cleared out. Saw some evidence of even a bike travelling along it as far as the pass. Contoured around the south side of Varor along a variably flagged and trodden trail (stay along the bottom of the boulder field, 1200m or a bit above); there was a second set of flagging that seemed to drop off towards the Clowhorn drainage from the pass. Picked our way up between some ramps to camp on the south shore of Sigurd lake, just by the SW corner. There was another couple that camped on a small island just at the south shore of the 'waist' of the lake, so lots of places to camp. Nice inversion that night, with clouds filling the valleys around us.

Did a day trip up to Varor, then across to a small lake/tarn on the north shore of Sigurd lake proper, just west of the outflow. Saw a bunch of helicopters, including them longline someone off the north side of the bowl just to the east side of Sigurd lake. Saddened to learn of the death when we got home.

Overnight and the next morning was quite windy; we decided against trying the ridge up to Regin and across to Sigurd then down, but the other couple we met did it; and it looked quite doable. Instead...

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