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Sugus, Spindrift and Hemionus in a night
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.23 - 23:22:39
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Bridge-Lillooet Divide
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 2495m
Participants: Amy Ben Eby
Difficulty: 3: Easy bushwacking leading to nice open ridges followed by boulder hopping and sidehilling. A glacial col must be crossed to bag Sugas from the south.
Bushwacked up to Hemionus SE ridge, camped in the col. Hiked to Hemionus, Spindrift and Sugus mountains before heading down.
[photo]campintarn.jpg[caption]Our campsite with Overseer in the background[/photo]

[photo]campspindriftsw2flip.jpg[caption]Our campsite in a dried up tarn with the sun setting behind Spindrift SW2[/photo]

[photo]sugusspindrift.jpg[caption]Sugas mountain right, Spindrift center left, from the summit of Hemionus mountain[/photo]

[photo]overseerlillooetriver.jpg[caption]Overseer mountain towering over the Lilloet river[/photo]

[photo]spindrift.jpg[caption]View from the ridge on Spindrift's south bowl. Notch visible on ridge, our ascent gully is the col between the notch and the summit. Decent was right of the mountain on the grassy slopes.[/photo]

[photo]acentgullyflipped.jpg[caption]The ascent gully to the ridge west of Spindrift, there is a trickling creek under the rocks[/photo]

[photo]sugussridgespindrift.jpg[caption]The south ridge of Sugus mountain from Spindrift[/photo]

[photo]glaciatedcol.jpg[caption]The glaciated col between Sugus and Spindrift. Looking south towards Spindrift[/photo]

[photo]delilahflipped.jpg[caption]View towards Delilah from Sugus mountain[/photo]

[photo]northcreeksessel.jpg[caption]Looking towards North creek and Sessel Mountain[/photo]

[photo]bishopglacier.jpg[caption]Awesome views extending all the way to the bishop glacier from Sugus mountain's summit[/photo]

Day 1
We headed out of Pemberton on the Upper Lillooet FSR until the road just past North creek (H Main 1349). The road was easy going until our intended parking spot. At 50.588,-123.232. Take the left fork and park by grown in road bed 60m from the main road.

We grabbed our packs and walked up the grown in switchbacks to the cutblock at the top of the road. Here there is a fork which continues straight or curves around for 1 final...

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