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Cadwallader Peak Route from Braylorne
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.21 - 13:43:17
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Cadwallader Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Simon Chesterton, Alex, Ben and Doug
Difficulty: 2: Up to class 3 scrambling on the western ridge of Cadwallader.
Follow a track into the alpine then wide open pick your own route.
The Cadwallader Range extends south from the small (mining) town of Bralorne to the well known Tolkien Group of peaks with Mount John Decker the southern most summit near Birkenhead Lake. Doug, Alex, Ben and I drove The Hurley to the Bralorne Connector and followed that into the small town. Along the connector a grizzly bear paced us along the road for a km before veering off into the bush. We drove the Noel Creek FSR a short while then turned up a spur road (some steep sections with waterbars) that got us to landing at about 1460m elevation which is the location of an old ski hut.

From there we follow an ATV track to the alpine where the views really start to open up. Heather and gravel give way to the same type of rock that makes the Twin Sisters in Washington State so much fun - super grippy and rough. Here though the rock is more fractured as we traverse the west side of a couple of subpeaks then up to Sunshine. You can stay with the ridge crest on good rock or there's a ramp a little below. Either way it's an easy scramble to reach the summit (the earlier traverse is more tricky) which has flying ants on it so we retreat to a flatter section nearby. First views of Crazy Peak are impressive, as is The Bendor Range to the north and east.

[photo]ResizeofIMG_2944.JPG[caption]Approaching Sunshine.[/photo]

We dropped off Sunshine, got into a bit more traversing then followed the south ridge down into a bowl which featured a few tarns. Doug's knees were giving him a bit of grief so he elected to check out the tarns and chill for a while whilst we went (to) Crazy. We crossed the bowl saying hello to a couple of marmots then ascended talus and a bit of snow to gain the northwestern ridge of Crazy.

The first part of the ridge was smooth travel and we quickly...

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