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Swiss Traverse - Rogers Pass
Timestamp Free: 2020.10.24 - 03:29:19
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Big Bend Ranges / Hermit Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1500m
Participants: Jake Van Allen, Keefrey Joyce
Difficulty: 2: The climbing is not difficult but was made more problematic due to the amount of snow. Grade in Dave Jones' book is 5.0, though one can find moves above the grade.
Lovely traverse of Rogers, Fleming, Grant and Swiss Peaks. Alpine 5.0 / 5.1 and an absolutely splendid position.
[photo]SwissPeaks.jpg[caption]Photo of full traverse from winter. Traverse goes left to right, Rogers being the left peak.[/photo]

Highly recommended traverse with reasonably easy climbing high above Rogers Pass. Most of this traverse is above 3000m and provides magnificent views of many ranges in British Columbia.

After running up Avalance Crest Trail earlier in the day I hiked up to Hermit Meadows and met Keefrey there. He had done Tupper West Ridge earlier that day so we were both tired and got an early rest.

[photo]RogersRidge.jpg[caption]Easy snow travel along the Rogers ridge.[/photo]

[photo]RogersWestRidge.jpg[caption]Another example of the ridge on Rogers.[/photo]

In the AM we headed off for the West side of Rogers Peak. We crossed some rather small glaciers and headed up the easy West Ridge. There was still plenty of snow but we were optimistic we could make it work. The snow was to our benefit as we traversed across Rogers ridge to the peak, providing easy travel along little cornices. There is a little bit of exposure along this ridge but it is enjoyable exposure as opposed to the frightening kind your sometimes see. The North face of Rogers Peak is beautiful.

[photo]RogersNorthFace.jpg[caption]The beautiful North face of Rogers.[/photo]

From Rogers summit we went down to the col above its south face (a wonderful route and ski run in its own right) and simply followed the ridge up and over the peaks of the Swiss group as they came at us one by one. These peaks, Fleming, Grant and then Swiss, all have modest difficulty and no one really stands out from the other. The rock is generally nice and blocky, much like the rest of the rock around the pass.

[photo]AlpinieGlory.jpg[caption]Somewhere on the Swiss Peaks - the position is...

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