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Mount Bastille from Jumbo Pass
Timestamp Free: 2020.10.24 - 03:13:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Purcell Mountains
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1200m
Participants: Jake Van Allen
Difficulty: 2: Four peaks all provide different climbing, most difficult going at class 3. Some moves feel like more than class 3 given poor rock quality.
Bastille is a lovely day out with a little bit of scrambling action up to third class. Great views of a remarkable area and well worth the effort.
Mount Bastille - referring to it as one mountain although it has four peaks - made up the third summit of my West Kootenay motorcycle trip. My plan was to camp at Glacier Creek Rec site but when I arrived it was full so I simply dumped my heavy luggage and tore off up the FSR on my moto, figuring I would get it afterward and ride back to Kaslo for a comfortable hotel night.

The FSR is easy to follow but not pleasant. I was able to move quickly on my bike and passed a number of vehicles who must have taken over one hour to get to the parking from the Rec site. I wasn't too sure how long this peak would take so I moved fast up the trail to Jumbo Pass, arriving in about one hour.

[photo]Moto.jpg[caption]The road is bumpy but the views are non stop.[/photo]

When you reach the pass, Bastille towers above to your right and is the dominant peak in close vicinity. The path up the gully an towards to the peak can be seen from the pass, from afar it peters out in the aforementioned gully of rock and dirt. You cannot miss this as it is the only easy access to the ridge. I approached up that path and found it difficult to follow any special trail up the rubble, but it was easy going. I stayed right to try and stay on more solid rock but it was all pretty shitty and really any way up would work.

[photo]Bastillefromafar.jpg[caption]This is Bastille from Jumbo Pass. On the right of the photo is the aforementioned gully of dirt and rock to follow.[/photo]

The first peak is tackled via the obvious gully of dirt and shale. No real climbing here as it is really just steep dirt. Once on summit one I just followed the ridge over to summit 2, which I had read was the hardest. I would agree with this sentiment but it is only tricky due to the quality of rock. As you might...

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