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Lakit Mountain - An early season summit
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.11 - 20:01:53
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Kootenay Ranges / Hughes Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 600m
Participants: Kieran Simpson, Jayden Gigliotti, Kaitlyn Zolynsky, Parker Kepke
Difficulty: 2: Easy hike with a steady incline to the lookout. A moderate scramble along the ridge with hands needed in several spots. Few spots of real exposure.
Approaching the summit of Lakit Mountain via the Lakit Lookout trail and traversing the ridge between the lookout and the peak.
[photo]DSC08524.JPG[caption]Lakit Lookout trailhead[/photo] We left Creston early in the morning attempting to hike and summit Lakit Mountain during the gap in weather. We arrived earlier than we figured and hiked for the first fourty minutes in pouring rain. After that, the weather was great!

There was heavy, late snowfall this year, and we could still only get 800m from the actual trailhead. The beginning of the trail is North facing, so the first climb up and over the ridge was in deep snow. Once over on the south side of the ridge the trail was clear except for a few snow spots until the top of the ridge.

[photo]DSC08540.JPG[caption]Lakit Mountain lookout hut[/photo]

There was several feet of snow still along the right side if the ridge, but there was walking room on the left.

[photo]DSC08585.JPG[caption]The misty ridge traverse to Lakit Mountain, approaching from the South.[/photo]

After a short break to try and dry off and warmup in the lookout cabin, we continued along the ridge. The 1km ridge traverse to the peak takes about 40minutes. It was very slippery with some snow and we were careful to stick to the West (left) side of the ridge as much as possible.

The mist cleared about halfway along the ridge and made for great summit views at 2430m. We took the same route down, but cut some of the switchbacks on the Lakit Lookout trail to save some time.

[photo]DSC08647.JPG[caption]Looking West from the summit of Lakit Mountain[/photo]

[photo]DSC08627.JPG[caption]Looking North from Lakit Mountain...

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