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Mount Midgeley
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.11 - 19:51:58
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Nelson Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 350m
Participants: Kieran Simpson, Rob Simpson, Emily Simpson, Russell Pennock, Monique Ares, Jacob Ewashen, Andrew Brown
Difficulty: 2: Simple hiking on marked routes. Some steeper ascents, but still don't necessarily even need to use your hands, if you go up the face.
A snowy, early-June hike up the East side of Mount Midgeley, West of Creston, BC, which lies just South of the border of Darkwoods Conservancy land.
[photo]DSC08718.JPG[caption]Looking at the Creston Valley from the Mount Midgeley trailhead.[/photo]

We didn't quite make it to the trailhead because we hit snow at around 14km on the FSR. We followed the switchbacks for 2.2km and gained quite a bit of elevation to reach the trailhead.

The trail immediately heads back South from the trailhead following above the access road. It begins to head more West and is a pretty direct path from here to Midgeley along the ridge you walk along the side of.

The cabin will eventually pop up about the same time as you see the summit of Midgeley. It is sitting right in the flattest part of the basin, around 3km from the trailhead. The summit is only 1km further. We stopped at the cabin for a good half an hour while waiting for the crazy hail storm to pass. We luckily arrived at the cabin during the worst part of the storm.

[photo]DSC08736.JPG[caption]Looking at the summit of Mount Midgeley from the West side via the South ridge.[/photo]

The easiest path is to go left from the cabin up the ridge, which gently climbs the whole way to the summit. We chose to go directly up the face, as the snow that was left was quite slippery going up the ridge, whereas the rocks going up the face were mostly exposes and could be scrambled up.

The trail down follows the same path. Hiking to the peak is only around 8km round-trip.

[photo]DSC08770.JPG[caption]Mount Hulme (center left) and the Darkwoods Conservancy from the summit of Mount Midgeley. Kootenay Mountain is barely visible behind (center).[/photo]

[photo]DSC08754.JPG[caption]Looking toward Kootenay Lake and the clouded Purcell Mountains from Mount Midgeley's...

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