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Road Trip to Utah Spring 2010
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.23 - 20:32:29
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges
  (11 days)
A long road trip with descriptions of short side trips and links to longer excursions.
Whenever I wrote one of my road trip reports I would remember part of some of my many other trips to the US SW. So when I wrote my Road Trip to Utah 2001 I realized that it was a prequel to my 2010 trip, at least regarding my attempts to climb Delano Peak, although originally the main objective of the 2010 trip was longer backcountry trips in northern Utah. [photo]usa001.jpg[caption]Snoqualmy Falls, my usual first leg stretching stop[/photo]

Day 1: As often on these trips I left in poor weather but east of the Cascades in eastern Washington it cleared. I drove my usual route to NE Oregon and in Pendleton turned south onto US395 and continued to Ritter Butte. On one of my earlier trips I had hiked to the lookout from the hiway. This time I drove the short gravel road to where the jeep track climbed to the summit. There I parked and cooked my dinner at the roadside, then set up my car for sleeping. It was my first longer trip with my brand new Ford Escape hybrid and I had made a bed from hinged sheets of plywood with folding legs that fit over the folded down rear seats. [photo]usa005.jpg[caption]Mountain north of Ritter Butte[/photo]

Day 2: I continued south and had a quick breakfast at the Mac Donalds in John Day, then drove on to Burns and took Hwy205 to Frenchglen. There my road map showed a long gravel road loop almost to the summit of Steens Mountain, my first objective. Unfortunately I came to a locked gate not far from the hiway and had to change my plans. See Exploring Steens Mountain [photo]usa011.jpg[caption]Alvord desert[/photo]

Day 3: I had a quick small early breakfast, then drove south into Nevada and east to US95. In Winnemucca I stopped for a full breakfast before continuing east to Elko. There I took a motel and tried...

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