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Road Trip to Utah Fall 2001
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.12 - 10:43:33
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges
  (15 days)
A long drive with descriptions of short side trips and links to longer excursions.
On my various earlier trips to the US SW I usually found better weather as I came further SE, so this was a promising way to escape the Vancouver fall rains.

Day1: After a particularly rainy day I made a very early start and made it across the border without any waits. It was cloudy but dry as I made my customary stop at Snoqualmy Falls to stretch my legs. There was already considerable water flowing over the falls. I then continued along my usual route through SE Washington to Eastern Oregon and along I84 as far as Ontario. After dinner I made a walk through town in the dark and found the Amtrak station, there still seemed to be passenger trains then.

Day2: In the morning I crossed into Idaho, passed Boise and turned south onto US93 at Twin Falls. North of town the highway crosses the deep canyon of the Snake River on a high bridge. l drove a few km to the east to a viewpoint of Shoshone Falls, which are supposed to be higher than Niagara, but were dry at this time of the year. All the water is diverted to powerplants and irrigation. I then continued through town and south to the small town of Holister for some last minute shopping, then turned west at Rogerson to Jarbidge.

Day3: Climbing Matterhorns - Part 2 Nevada

Day4: A Climb of Cougar Peak in Navada [photo]img078.jpg[caption]The hills S of Jarbidge where the road to Elko goes across[/photo]

Day5: I drove a longer stretch of gravel road south and west to Hwy225 and on to Elko, then along and around the SW end of the Ruby Range to the trailhead for Overland Lake on the eastside.

Day6: After A Climb of King Peak I drove to Ely and checked into the Motel6.

Day7: This day I continued into Utah to start my [Trip8254-The Quest for Delano Peak Part 1: Lake...

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