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Puma and Puma S1 from Overnight Lot
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.06 - 19:42:51
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1450m
Participants: BCMC trip of 6ppl
Difficulty: 3: Great ascent, a short steep, easyish bootpack to start up Puma proper. Skiing to 40deg descending from Puma S1 to the N, routefinding back to Beverley Ck route. Some minor-moderate challenges for a splitboarder
'East Madeley' route, Beverley Ck route, Puma route to Puma S1, then to Puma Pk proper, back to S1, skied down N swide then around to Beverley Ck route and along it back to East Madeley route
I had to read thru all the previous Bivouac/VOC/Steven Song info and synthesize it to make sense of the history but now that the route has been settled, I thought I'd summarize, especially for those considering starting from the Overnight Lot. I'd suggest reading the associated bulletins I've posted as well. Note that my gps is just drawn from a map and is not exact.

The hours of the Whistler Olympic Park are 8:30-4:30. I'm not sure where the gate is, as we didn't see it, but you can't get to the upper lots (especially the Biathlon Lot) outside those hours. I had called and asked about the $16 parking permit and it doesn't apply to the overnight lot. Technically you'd also need that to use the cross-country trails, but we encountered nobody since we were outside those horus and so there was no hassle. If you simply wanted to summit Puma S1 and return, then the Biathlon Lot shortens the distance (though the elevation change is negligible), you just have to pay for the parking/trails pass. The pass counts for everyone in your vehicle. Regardless of where you park, the websites ask that you leave a form on your dash (printable from the website or handmade) with a destination/return time, as these are apparently checked each night (but who knows).

We arrived at the Overnight Lot at 7:45 and were the first ones there, but shortly after 3 ACC club trip vehicles showed up to, to head up Rainbow Mtn. I chose to use what Bivoauc calls the 'East Madeley Route' (which is really a composite of service roads and several cross-country trails) rather than the West Madeley route, but this was somewhat arbitrary. I was curious about it and also wanted to avoid the ticket booth that you'd pass on the West Madeley route in case we got hassled. Possibly the West Madeley is slightly...

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