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Return to Farley Lake
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.28 - 01:48:25
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges / Ram Range
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 2010m
Participants: Nitin Chidambaram, Steven Noel
Difficulty: 3: Easy but remote scrambling.
A trip to Farley Lake with the intention of scrambling the peaks of the Salvation Army Group.
In October 2016, Nitin and I were back at the Siffleur Falls trailhead gunning again to venture up to Farley Lake. Despite the impending darkness, we were quickly across the two bridges (the North Saskatchewan and Siffleur Rivers), across the Kootney Plains, and had turned the Ex Coelis Complex on the NW. Headlamps now on, we left the old roads and bushwhacked down to and easily crossed Whiterabbit Creek, picking up the good trail we knew was on its NE flank.

[photo]NorthSask5.jpg[caption]Crossing the North Saskatchewan River[/photo]

We followed the trail SE, as we had in March of that year, looking for the turnoff for the Farley Pass trail. Eventually we came to it, and reluctantly turned ourselves to the NE, knowing that it was relentlessly steep. Though we no longer shouldered the insufferably heavy packs we had in March (laden with snowshoes, winter camping gear and technical climbing equipment), the trail was about as much of a slog as we remembered. Steep, rocky, and flood damaged, the trail grunted upwards, as we did, to the pass (~1950m) between William Booth SE2 (aka Lapanese Peak) and an unnamed peak to the SE. It was here in March we had encountered horrendous, bottomless facets and despite rotating the man in front between the three of us, slowed to a pace of 500m per hour when we eventually relented some 1km from Farley Lake.

Not this time, however, and we now made quick travel across the sub-alpine flats, arriving at Farley Lake, headwaters of the North Ram River, and discovered why it has its other name--Mud Lake--as we stepped unwittingly into sticky, sucking clay that surrounded the shrunken lake on all sides. We set up my tent in this mud flat for lack of finding somewhere better, and crawled into bed, after ~6h on the go.

The following...

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