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Road Trip to California 2000
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.12 - 10:38:36
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges
  (19 days)
A long drive with descriptions of short side trips and links to longer excursions including Mt Whitney
When I remember one of my many trips to the US SW I sometime confuse parts. As I plotted the return of my 2015 trip I found I had plotted the wrong route from Shasta to Seattle, so thought I should write this trip up also. The main objective of the 2000 trip was to climb Mt Whitney and as many side trips as possible.

Day 1: I started on a Saturday hoping to avoid the rush hour traffic in Seattle. It was a perfect fall day. Somewhere south of Olympia I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten my camera. I didn't want to make such a long trip without photographic memories. So I stopped at a mall in Portland and bought a small camera. I then left I5 in Albani and took US20 east into the Cascades. When I found the Iron Mountain trailhead I stopped for the 2 hour return trip to a nice view point. Afterwards I turned south on Hwy126 and found a camp site at Ice Cap, strange name, there certainly was no glacier or ice cap anywhere near or in sight. [photo]img490.jpg[caption]Three Sisters from Iron Mt. trail. My new camera didn't always make completely sharp pictures.[/photo]

Day 2: Continuing south I stopped at a few waterfalls, then turned east up Hwy242 to McKencie Pass. There I hiked north along the Pacific Crest Trail to Belknap Craters. Little Belknap Crater was very young looking. Near the summit was a lava tube and on top a vertical shaft where lava might have come out. [photo]img495.jpg[caption]Lava tube on Little Belknap Crater, Mt Washington in background[/photo]

I had lunch nearby, then headed over to big Belknap Crater. That was a larger cinder cone, older with some vegetation growing on it. Back at the car I drove SE to Bend and further to Crescent. There I made a shortcut west to Hwy58 and Willamette Pass, where I slept in my car along a logging...

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