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Road trip to California 2015
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 12:01:11
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges
  (22 days)
A long drive with descriptions of short side trips and links to longer excursions.
Day 1: Partly because I wanted to ski as much as possible and partly to avoid the long lines at Peace Arch I drove to Sumas. It was forecast to be sunny, but at the border it was cloudy and looked like rain at the hills near Mt Baker, so I drove straight south along US9, then east to Monroe and my usual stop at Snoqualmy Falls. After the walk to the base of the falls and lunch I continued through SE Washington to Umatilla where I checked into a motel. [photo]P1040855.JPG[caption]Snoqualmy Falls[/photo]

Day 2: I continued along I84 to Idaho and stopped at the rest area across the Snake River. There at the tourist information I found a brochure with points of interest in southern Idaho. On my road map I had seen a mountainous area with a 3000m peak in the otherwise flat area of the southern part of the state. This was my first objective. Driving further east cumulus clouds on all sides were dropping showers and when I approached Burley I saw a black wall ahead and when I rolled into town I was in a heavy snow shower. In my brochure I had found that there was a ski area to the south, but here I heard it was already closed even though it was still before Easter, but I decided to see whether I could do some skitouring there anyway. [photo]P1040872.JPG[caption]Approaching the Albion range[/photo]

Day 3: Ski touring Mount Harrison in Idaho

Day 4: I had spent the night in the ski area parking lot and in the morning drove down, bought some coffee at a gas station and ate my breakfast in the car nearby. I then drove south to City of Rocks where I made a longer hike near the eastern border. [photo]P1040894.JPG[caption]City of Rocks[/photo] [photo]P1040901.JPG[caption]Looking through a rock arch[/photo]

It was sunny with a cool wind, so I ate my lunch in...

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