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1997 Hike to Brandywine Meadows
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 11:55:51
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 820m
Participants: Cliff Jennings, Mark Jennings Gypsy
Difficulty: 2: Muddy in places requiring detours while ascending. Meadow ascent to ridge was easy with great views.
After parking we followed the Brandywine Meadows Trail to the meadows crossing the creek then headed WNW to ridgeline above a small pond then ESE & back to meadows
This was a day trip I did with my son Mark & our dog Gypsy. We drove along Brandywine FSR to just past the trailhead for Brandywine Meadows Trail & parked at a wide spot. We then went up the roughly marked trail to the meadows. The trail below timberline was wet & muddy & required a few detours.

[photo]BrandywineMeadows01.jpg[caption]Img0050 Brandywine Meadow Mark & Gypsy[/photo] Once we reached the meadows the trail was easy to follow.

[photo]BrandywineMeadows03.jpg[caption]Img0052 Brandywine Meadow[/photo] We went up a bit to the right to scout the route ahead & spotted two hikers ahead of us & decided to go up the draw to their left so we could get better views of Mount Fee & Cayley.

[photo]BrandywineMeadows04.jpg[caption]Img0053 Brandywine Meadow Cliff & Gypsy with Fee in back[/photo] First good view of Mount Fee from ridge.

[photo]BrandywineMeadows06.jpg[caption]Img0056 Brandywine Meadow[/photo] Looking down the ridge with a good display of wildflowers

[photo]BrandywineMeadows07.jpg[caption]Img0057 Brandywine Meadow[/photo] Good view of Black Tusk from ridge.

[photo]BrandywineMeadows08.jpg[caption]Img0060 Brandywine Meadow Gypsy in Pond with Cayley in back[/photo] Gypsy found this pond for a refreshing dip with Mount Cayley in background.

[photo]BrandywineMeadows09.jpg[caption]Img0061 Brandywine Meadow Gypsy in Pond with Fee in back[/photo] Same pond, but looking at Mount Fee.

[photo]BrandywineMeadows10.jpg[caption]Img0062 Brandywine Meadow Gypsy with Wedge & Blackcomb in back[/photo] Gypsy relaxing on a bed of heather with Mount Weart, Wedge Mountain & James Turner beyond. [photo]BrandywineMeadows11pan.JPG[caption]img0062, 63, 64, 65 Brandywine Meadow Pan[/photo] A four part panorama from Mount Weart to Garibaldi...

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