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2013 Peralta & Cave Trail Hike (Weavers Needle from Fremont Saddle)
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 11:32:24
Ranges: North America Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 436m
Participants: Cliff Jennings, John Rose
Difficulty: 2: A bit of navigation required on Cave Trail as it's not as popular
Headed up the well established Peralta Springs trail to Fremont Saddle then took Cave Trail back
The first part of this hike, I'd done in 2010 with my dog Zoe & really enjoyed it. Doing it again with John Rose was special because he'd never done it, but researched a way to make a loop by coming back on Cave Trail. [photo]Peraltahike04.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 04 (red berry bush[/photo]

[photo]Peraltahike05.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 05 (hedgehog cactus)[/photo]

[photo]Peraltahike06.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 06 (John on trail)[/photo]

[photo]Peraltahike07.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 07 (Western Rattlesnake on trail)[/photo] Luckily I hadn't brought Zoe as we'd flown down or it might have been the end of her. John said the young rattlers are more dangerous as they don't control the amount of venom released, but give the full shot.

[photo]Peraltahike08.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 08 (Western Rattlesnake on trail)[/photo] We gave the rattler plenty of time & space.

[photo]Peraltahike09.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 09 (Desert Bell)[/photo]

[photo]Peraltahike10.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 10 pan (water tanks)[/photo]

[photo]Peraltahike11.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 11 (John & hedgehog cactus)[/photo] Hedgehog cactus were in full bloom.

[photo]Peraltahike12.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 12 (hedgehog cactus)[/photo] Closeup of Hedgehog cactus.

[photo]Peraltahike14.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 14 (rock formation John)[/photo] Interesting rock formation near the trail

[photo]Peraltahike15.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 15 pan (wildflowers)[/photo] The wildflowers were just coming out.

[photo]Peraltahike17.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 17 (hole in rock)[/photo] Hole in the rocks just above trail. Also noticed the haze in the background caused by a major dust storm. Peralta Spring was sheltered from it.

[photo]Peraltahike19.jpg[caption]Peralta hike 19 (hedgehog cactus & Weavers...

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