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Zoa Peak Christmas Ski
Timestamp Free: 2020.04.05 - 01:24:11
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 780m
Participants: Carlene and Tobi
Difficulty: 2: easy and simple ski tour. Pay attention to the signs, look at a map and you will not get lost. Also, there will probably be very noticeable skin tracks to follow.
Ski tour up Falls Lake Trail and then Zoa Peak Trail to the peak
We got to the trail head at around 10:30 after a bit of a late start, it being Christmas and all. After faffing around with gear we got going at around 11am. We initially stayed too far east and ended up on a Falls Lake Road. We quickly noticed our mistake and turned west onto a connecting branch which would bring us back to the Zoa Peak Trail. It was nice to break some trail rather than be following the track the whole way anyway. Once back on the Trail it was simple to follow the skin track up through the trees and to the peak.

[photo]breakingsometrail.jpg[caption]Laying down fresh tracks[/photo] [photo]skinningupthroughthetrees.jpg[caption]Skinning up through the trees[/photo]

The day cleared up while we ascended and once on the first peak of Zoa we could clearly see the valleys around as well as the other peaks around us. We only ran into one group of snowshoers on the way up despite having seen 3 vehicles at the trailhead. We had a short warm-up run down into the valley between the two peaks before skinning up again and ascending Zoa Peak properly. We then had 3 beautiful laps down the north side off of Zoa. The snow was deep and good but heavy.

[photo]skintrouble.jpg[caption]Some skin trouble on a switchback[/photo]

Unfortunately we only had time for 3 runs but we did watch the sunset over Yak, Nak and Thar from the first peak on Zoa. Temps dropped quickly after that so we turned and skied all the way down the skin track. We didn't really enjoy skiing out on the skin track but so late in the day we wanted to avoid running out of daylight. Next time we would like to ski down some other way. Note, the trees are tight around the uptrack so planning to ski down next to the uptrack isn't really feasible either. Next time we will look at maps in more detail...

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