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Snowshoeing Als Habrich Ridge Trail
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.07 - 03:48:46
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 220m
Participants: Cliff Jennings
Difficulty: 2: Only real difficulty was crossing the creek
Took the Sea to Sky Gondola up, walked to start of Al's Habrich Ridge Trail & donned my snowshoes & started up
This was a trip I had done in the summer during Summer Solstice in 2014 (Their first year of operation). During December the sun sets much earlier so I couldn't get as far or spend much time taking photos. [photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail01.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 01[/photo] Looking at Sky Pilot over the groomed trail

[photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail02.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 02[/photo] Trail through the thick woods would have been hard if not for the good track laid in previously.

[photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail03.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 03[/photo] Looking back to fog over Howe Sound at first open area.

[photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail04.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 04[/photo] Same view as previous photo.

[photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail05.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 05 pan[/photo] An 11 part panorama looking West

[photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail06.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 06 pan[/photo] An 8 part panorama looking South West to fog over Howe Sound

[photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail07.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 07 pan[/photo] A 10 part panorama looking West

[photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail08.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 08[/photo] Looking over the Chief above Howe Sound.

[photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail10.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 10 (myself taken by Boston snowshoers)[/photo] I met up with these 2 guys from Boston that had rented snowshoes & were coming back down. They hadn't got much further up. They were both going to university in Boston, but one had to renew his visa so made a trip out of it.

[photo]SnowshoeAlsHabrichTrail16.jpg[caption]Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 16 pan (Howe Sound fog)[/photo] A 6 part panorama looking South West to...

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