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1973 Highland Staff Helicoper skiing to Decker & Blackcomb
Timestamp Free: 2020.04.04 - 23:29:40
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Spearhead Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: -1750m
Participants: Cliff Jennings Highland Staff
Difficulty: 4: The difficult part was the ski out through the forest as it was very tight tree skiing
Year end bonus helicopter Ski Trip to Decker & Blackcomb Glaciers
At the time of this trip, myself and my wife Vivien Jennings were in our 4th winter managing the Highland Lodge (the main part of the lodge is now the site of the Rimrock Restaurant). The lodge had been having a very successful year with really good staff so we arranged to take them for a helicopter ski trip. As a former partner & guide with Pacific Ski Air and knowing that they were all good skiers, I determined that the North Face of Decker was suitable for their abilities. [photo]1973HighlandDecker01.jpg[caption]1973 Highland Staff 01 (top of Decker Mt.)[/photo] Drop-off at the top of Decker with a view of Mount Sir James Turner in background.

[photo]1973HighlandDecker02.jpg[caption]1973 Highland Staff 02 (Decker Glacier)[/photo] Great powder on the North side of Decker Glacier.

[photo]1973HighlandDecker03.jpg[caption]1973 Highland Staff 04 (Decker Glacier)[/photo] Face shots on the steep face of Decker Glacier

[photo]1973HighlandDecker04.jpg[caption]1973 Highland Staff 03 (Decker Glacier)[/photo] Going from mellow to steep.

[photo]1973HighlandDecker05.jpg[caption]1973 Highland Staff 05 (Decker Glacier)[/photo] Catching up to the snow bunny!!

[photo]1973HighlandBlackcomb01.jpg[caption]1973 Highland Staff 01 (Blackcomb Glacier)[/photo] First pitch of Blackcomb Glacier.

[photo]1973HighlandBlackcomb02.jpg[caption]1973 Highland Staff 02 (Blackcomb Glacier)[/photo] This picture shows where the present entry to the backcountry from Blackcomb Glacier is just to the left of the first skier. Unfortunately the skier in yellow broke her leg near the bottom of the final pitch. As the guide, I was the last skier down & could see something was wrong. The helicopter was already there for pickup & so when I arrived, she was stabilized & loaded into the...

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