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1968 Ski Little Whistler to mid station via VD Chutes
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 17:29:06
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Fitzsimmons Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: -900m
Participants: Bobby Calladine, Bobby Walsh, Cliff Jennings
Difficulty: 3: As the latter part of this trip was new terrain, there was a lot of route finding involved.
Hike up Little Whistler then series of traverses & skiing ending at mid station.
This hike for fresh powder was one other more extreme choice when the skiing to the Valley was not good. Like the 1968 Ski from Whistler to Mid Station the hike to Little Whistler was the same but there were two ascending traverses. One traverse was from the bottom of Exhiliration to the top of Glacier Bowl. After skiing Glacier Bowl we would traverse to the top of the Shale Slope. The following pictures are not all taken on the same trip. They do show how much more skiable terrain was accessible before the loss of glacial & permanent ice. [photo]1968Exhilaration01.jpg[caption]1968 Exhilaration 01[/photo] Dropping into Exhiliration. [photo]1968Exhilaration02.jpg[caption]1968 Exhilaration 02[/photo] Skier is just above the traverse track to top of Glacier Bowl [photo]1968Exhilaration03.jpg[caption]1968 Exhilaration 03 (Bobby Calladine)[/photo] Bobby Calladine dropping into Exhiliration in Spring conditions [photo]1968Exhilaration04.jpg[caption]1968 Exhilaration 04 (Bobby Calladine)[/photo]

[photo]1968Exhilaration05.jpg[caption]1968 Exhilaration 05 (Bobby Calladine)[/photo] The saddle is shown behind Bobby Calladine [photo]1968GlacierBowl01.jpg[caption]1968 Glacier Bowl 01[/photo] The traverse track to the top of Glacier Bowl & the track to the top of the Shale Slope are visible in this shot. [photo]1968GlacierBowl02.jpg[caption]1968 Glacier Bowl 02[/photo] Skier crossing the traverse track to Shale Slope. [photo]1968VDChutes01.jpg[caption]1968 VD Chutes 01 (glade above)[/photo] As we were the first to ski this route we got to name it after. As it led to the VD Chutes we called this Horny Hollow (didn't stick).

[photo]1968VDChutes02.jpg[caption]1968 VD Chutes 02 (glade above)[/photo] Lower part of Horny Hollow just before entering the VD...

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