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1968 Ski Whistler Peak to mid station
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.18 - 21:36:00
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Fitzsimmons Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: -900m
Participants: Cliff Jennings, Eddie Schum, Brian Williams, John Lund Bill Chaplin
Difficulty: 3: The biggest difficulty was the screaming traverse through the trees to mid station
Hike to Whistler Peak then ski to mid station
This hike for fresh powder was one of our more popular ones when the skiing to the Valley was not good. Unlike the 1968 Ski from Whistler to Creekside the hike was about 30 minutes longer & much less vertical skiing. The following pictures are not all taken on the same trip but show how much more skiable terrain was available before the loss of glacial & permanent ice. [photo]1968WhistlerBowl01.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 01 (Peak)[/photo] Stormy day on the peak

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl02.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 02 (Cliff Jennings Peak)[/photo] In those days we could ski right off the peak onto the glacier.

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl03EddieSchum.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 03(Eddie Schum)[/photo] Looking back to where the peak chair is on top of the rocks.

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl04.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 04 (Brian Williams VD Trees)[/photo] Looking back to West Cirque.

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl05.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 05 (John Lund Upper Grand Finale)[/photo]

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl06.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 06 (Upper Grand Finale)[/photo]

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl07.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 07 (John Lund VD Trees)[/photo] Good view back to the peak showing how we were able to ski right off the top onto the glacier.

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl08.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 08 (Doom & Gloom)[/photo]

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl09.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 09 (Doom & Gloom)[/photo]

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl10.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 10 (Doom & Gloom)[/photo]

[photo]1968WhistlerBowl11.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 11 (Bill Chaplin & Brian Williams)[/photo] Bill Chaplin developed Chaplinville on the West side of Alta Lake then moved to the Interior. Brian Williams was a ski coach on...

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