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Granite Big Walls of Pangea
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.19 - 05:54:36
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains
  (9 days)
Participants: Nick Hindley, Harlin Brandvold, Duncan Pawson
Difficulty: 5: Undeveloped big walls; complex, active glaciers overhead and below; very remote. Moderate objective hazard.
Remote big wall climbing in BC's Coast Range
Our objective for this trip was to climb some epic walls and see what kind of untapped potential lay waiting out there. We took a big gamble by venturing into the unknown, but the pay off was huge. 'Pangea', as it came to be known, is a small valley buried deep in the Coast Range of Central BC, with huge granite walls rising on all sides. The possibilities for climbing and route development here are virtually endless. Our first adventure into Pangea was certainly a learning experience, as the scale and uncertainty of the climbing lead us on some pretty rad misadventures. But I guess that's the whole point, isnt it? I hope this brief report ignites some stoke for future exploration and discovery in this wild place that we live.

Day 1 - Left Vancouver around 9:30am. Drove through the night, arrived in Terrace, BC around 4am.

Day 2 - Heli out from Terrace around 7am. Granite walls grow in size and mystique as you travel West. Landing zones in the valley are very limited; hope for a bare patch of rock, otherwise the col is your best bet. We spent the day exploring the valley by foot and decided to name this place 'Pangea', for the granite behemoths that rose around us. There are multiple distinct walls in the valley that caught our attention - each rising at least several hundred meters from it's base. We named the largest wall (~1000m) the 'Nautilus Wall', as it lingered mysteriously behind the clouds and darkness. Neighbouring walls were given the names 'Extinction Wall' and 'Cambrian Wall'.

[photo]08_NautilusWall.jpg[caption]Nautilus Wall[/photo]]

Day 3 - We set out to climb a new route up the Cambrian Wall at about 11am; simul-climbing the first two pitches, before pitching out the next seven. The route was diverse in style and quality, ranging from mossy...

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