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Hike up Swiftcurrent fire lookout
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.03 - 15:51:16
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / US Rockies / Montana Rockies
  (1 days)
Trail from the Loop to Granite Park chalet. Horse trail joins 1 km up. From the chalet a trail goes to Swiftcurrent Pass where the trail to the lookout branches off and switchbacks up to the peak.
The chalet was closed due to grizzly bear activity. Granite Park was the scene of a fatality from an attack around 1997. While we were there, a grizzly sow and 2 cubs were 1 km south of the chalet. They'd been in Swiftcurrent Creek valley the week or so before, according to the trail boss on horseback that I spoke with at the pass. His pack mule was named Hank and he didn't kick. The trail boss used to mountaineer in the 1970s but his knees gave out and now he rides his hoss and maintains trail. 50 minutes up from Granite Park Chalet to the lookout. 25 minutes down. Bear spray saves lives, both human and bear. Point it 30 feet in front of you when the bear charges and downward so it mists the ground in front of the bear. Don't wait until you can feel its breath on your face. I don't know what you do if three bears charge at once. There's about 200 grizzlies in and around Glacier National Park so you're bound to meet one if you spend time in the area. Karin met a laid back black bear the day before on Whitefish Mountain. He only left the trail when I came round the corner. Karin kept her cool. Something to tell her sister back in Germany who was terrified of meeting a bear on her visit to Canada last year.

[photo]IMG_7783.JPG[caption]Area south of the lookout[/photo]

[photo]IMG_7784.JPG[caption]Granite Park...

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