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Daisy Lake Canoe
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.24 - 20:22:28
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)
For the longest time I've been wanting to take the canoe out to Daisy Lake. My Dad took us canoeing there when we were kids, when there was a recreation site near the south end. In recent years I've noticed a good put-in spot after the dam, just before the next bridge. And we noticed on our trip to Mt. Sproatt last weekend that the water levels were pretty high. With Luna not 100% and the weather looking iffy this was the activity for Sunday.

We pulled off the highway at the appropriate spot, there is room for a couple of cars to park on the side of the road here and no "no parking" signs. There is a short path down to the water so you don't have to scramble over the rocks at the side of the road. Once on the water We paddled the mirror-like waters in a northwesterly direction for a while, towards the northern end of the large 1.3km long island at the south end of the lake. [photo]daisy1.jpg[caption]Paddling on Daisy Lake. Luna shifts around alot so it's always a balancing act.[/photo]

There are many interesting bays and small islands on the west side of the island. At the tip of the island there is a log boom that goes across the lake, with no way through, so we had to get out and lift the canoe over it. We continued up the east side of the lake and surprisingly we could barely hear the highway.

Halfway up it looks like an area with a firepit and an road that reaches the shoreline. We got out and walked on the road 100m to the highway. It looks like you need heavy duty 4x4 to get down this road.

We continued to the north end of the lake, where Brandywine Creek comes into the lake. The water is very clear here, in contrast to the green color of the rest of the lake. Again here we got out of the boat and walked around a bit....

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