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Seton and alternative Skimka approach
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.24 - 23:04:39
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges / Cayoosh Range / Cayoosh Range East
  (3 days)
Participants: Myself, the wife, our toddler and 2 dogs
Difficulty: 2: Some steep scree, nothing too bad
Standard trip to Seton, Skimka from the 'back'
Drove up Downton to the Saddlebag lakes trail - about 9km on the dot from the highway - pass the small parking area opposite a decommissioned spur, park at the second obvious parking spot ~150m down the road. If you hit a small dip in the road with lots of alder you've gone too far. Flagging on the trail by the road is sparse. We opted to go to the left up the headwall - works fine, steep heather slopes, but still take you nicely into the bowl with the saddlebag lakes. Would also give good access into the bowl NE of Skimka. Camped at Saddlebag lakes. Day trip into the bowl NE of Skimka, then up to the saddle between it and trilateral, then up to Skimka - again, steep scree, but nothing that bad. Did a tour around the Saddlebag bowl on the way back, nice rambling. Woke up to clear skies the next morning, so went up the standard route to Seton. Started blowing by the time we were coming back down, then spitting rain as we packed the tent, and full on hail, lightning and thunder as we made it back to the car. Good timing! Great spot....

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