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Moonraker, Dogtooth, and Dawn in a Day
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.07 - 01:33:45
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Purcell Mountains / Dogtooth Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1850m
Difficulty: 3: Easy routefinding, new snow, loose rock, long day
Hiked Gorman Lake Trail, then continued off-trail through Holt, Grizzly, and Canyon Creek drainages and up the east basin/faces between Dogtooth and Moonraker. Ascended Dawn Mtn on the return
After hearing about Robin's multi-day trip into the area a few years back, I was still curious about the summit register that I'd heard was on top of Dogtooth, since Robin had only summitted Moonraker. I was in good shape and decided it would be my big single day trip of the year.

It had snow higher up the night before and the clouds were fairly low. The trail continued past Gorman Lake and I was mostly able to follow it to the Gorman-Holt pass. From there I dropped into the Holt basin, before climbing up to the Holt-Grizzly Col on loose rock. Note I attained the ridge north and above the actual col, having gone up a loose draw.

I dropped into the Grizzly drainage. After getting down into more meadowy terrain, I came around a corner and saw a grizzly and two cubs. I'd been calling out occasionally, as I do, but probably not often enough, especially considering there was a strong wind blowing in my face. The bears didn't notice me, so I backed around the corner. I started back tracking quickly, and decided to get on top of some big rock slides, which would be a somewhat minor re-routing for me. When I got up and could see the bears again, they'd move towards where I had been, but didn't seem to notice me. I ALMOST got my camera out in time, but not quite. I generally call out for bears whenever there's few people around and that's why I think I run into relatively few grizzlies. This was, however, the second time I'd seen grizzlies in Grizzly Ck, the other was looking down into the drainage from Grizzly Col, off of the Bald Hills/Copperstain Mtn route.

I continued at a brisk pace to put some distance in and eventually my nerves calmed down by the time I got to the Grizzly-Canyon Pass. I contoured around to the basin east of Moonraker and Dogtooth and this is...

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