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Bushwack to Bonnycastle
Timestamp Free: 2019.12.06 - 01:17:39
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (2 days)
Difficulty: 3: Complete Bushwack with some scrambling.
For the most part we followed Steven Song's GPS track to the lake and summit, available on his website.The Indian River FSR was smooth sailing up to the Hixon Creek branch which was also in decent shape. The approach to the lake started with 100m of dense second growth (which can be seen by satellite) to a cruxy bluff.

[photo]first100m.jpg[caption]Typical dead branch whack after entering the forest[/photo]

Above the bluff opened into not bad for bushwhacking old growth. Here we stumbled across what looked like new flagging marked "falling boundary", which presumably means the area just before the waterfall is scheduled to be cut in some not too distant future.

[photo]FallingBoundary.jpg[caption]Flagging was probably 100m before ultra dense bushy section and creek crossing[/photo]

Right before the creek was terrible and contained a 100m stretch of incredibly dense blueberries and devils club. After crossing the creek under a large waterfall the terrain becomes steeper and is somewhat dense, although, dense vegetation allowed us to pull ourselves up the steep terrain.

[photo]Waterfallandcreekcrossing.jpg[caption]Huge waterfall signalling its time to cross the creek[/photo]

[photo]Steeperbush.jpg[caption]Becoming steeper after the creek crossing[/photo]

Near the top of the waterfall the second cruxy section before the lake appears with a small bluff which forced us to go climbers left up a bushy slippery steep gully. After this the terrain mellows out a bit and one can follow a creek that cuts NW to save some bushwhacking. Eventually the creek starts to go too far off route and back into the bush we went until the 3rd cruxy bluff. We hung climbers left again finding a log that crossed a gully and allowed us to jump on the the bushy blueberry covered...

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