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Dipper Creek - Fringe Peak Exploration
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.24 - 19:17:27
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Robin Tivy, Betsy Waddington
Difficulty: 3: Steep slopes, some bushwacking up ridge. The vast alpine area where the glacier has retreated has lots of steep, smooth polished granite slabs. The outlet stream of the glacier was too hard for us to cross.
Exploration of the newly created lakes and terrain south of Exodus mountain. A vast moonscape where the Pemberton Icefield glaciers have retreated.
As you can see from any topo map, there is a large part of the Pemberton Icefield that flows south from Exodus Peak. This icefield is rapidly melting. Along it's southern fringe is emerging a new land of lakes, streams and granite ridges seldom trodden by white man.

This are can be reached by driving up the Squamish river and then roads up "Dipper Creek". I knew from recent Bivouac road bulletins that roads were currently useable in this area. So we set out on Saturday morning for a 2 day exploration. Our goal was to ascend the broad forested ridge running south of Fringe Peak, and then explore the newly emerging world previously covered by glacier. In particular, I hoped to be able to reach the giant new lake (Fringe Lake) that has emerged to the west of Fringe Peak.

We set out from Vancouver Saturday morning at 7:30, driving at a leisurely speed north. North of Squamish (9.7 km from Cleveland Ave), we turned onto the Squamish Valley road for 20km to where the pavement ends, and then continued north on the Squamish Mainline. Just beyond the Ashlu creed turnoff, Squamish main was flooded due to the high water in the Squamish River. It had been hot for more than a week, and there was a huge glacial runoff.

We passed the Elaho junction at 27 km then continued north on Squamish Main. At 36.6 km we hit the fork where we turned left onto the Dipper Creek road. It is a major road about the same size as the Squamish main and in excellent 2WD condition. It was recentlly graded. At 6.3 km up Dipper Main we turned off onto our final road (Dip6.3-Carnival Creek branch). Carnival creek is the major tributary of Dipper which flows into Dipper at 50.2048,-123.4152 and 670m.

Dip6.3 was also in excellent shape, 2WD with no waterbars, right to where we parked at 960m. Where...

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