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Manatee Range via Meager Creek
Timestamp Free: 2021.01.20 - 22:40:27
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Meager Group
  (8 days)     Elevation Gain: 2800m
Participants: Nick Hindley, Tobias Huxol, Will Matous
Difficulty: 4: Generally straightforward route finding. Long slog on logging roads, and later some glaciated terrain and significant avi path crossings.
Ski trip to Manatee Range, self-propelled via Meager creek.
Day 1 - Leave Vancouver at 2pm, pick up Will in Whistler, then continue to Pemberton. After some faff, we arrived at a good spot to park along Upper Lillooet FSR (around km36) at about 10pm. Begin skinning SW across Lillooet River valley, search for a wide (wide=shallow) spot to cross Lillooet River. Whip the snowpants off and ford Lillooet River with incomprehensibly heavy pack; neoprene socks and a pair of running shoes make this quite manageable). Continue across valley to a low point on the newly constructed Lillooet South FSR, then thwack through steep trees to get onto the road. Slog ~6km and arrive at Meager Creek hotsprings around 3am.

Day 2 - Relatively leisurely day. Sleep in until 11am and enjoy hotspings for a couple hours, wave at befuddled tourists as they heli in to the hotsprings. Continue North over bridge across Meager Creek, follow logging roads along Meager Creek for another 8.5km. Set up camp on knoll East of Devastator Creek confluence.

Day 3 - Cross questionable snow bridge over Devastator Creek. Continue up steep misery trees to about 1250m elevation, then contour west to eventually meet a valley. Major terrain trap with significant, large avi paths from NE slopes - not advised in unfavourable avalanche conditions. Skin up valley then over the lightly glaciated terrain for about 7km, drop down into bowl then back up to a treed knoll at about about 1700m elevation on the NE ridge of Dugong Peak. Camp.

Day 4 - Ascend Dugong Peak via standard route, up rolling glacier and through notch on NE ridge, navigate around seracs and up complex glaciated terrain to summit.

Day 5 - Climb Wahoo Tower. From camp, head west and follow mellow glacier for ~3km, then ascend the obvious ramp to the north, wrapping around the seracs. At the base of Wahoo...

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