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1968 Ski from Whistler to Creekside
Timestamp Free: 2020.04.06 - 04:37:49
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Fitzsimmons Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: -1600m
Participants: Brian Rowley, Cliff Jennings, Jamie Pike, Eddie Schum, Grant Costello, Derek Henderson John Lund
Difficulty: 3: Hard route finding through mature forest
Hike from top of T-Bar up Little Whistler, then ski down to Saddle & hike up approximately where Matthews Traverse is now. Ski down South
In the early days of Whistler we did a lot of exploring of the mountain outside the boundaries. One of our regular trips involved a 45 minute hike up Little Whistler then over to the South side. From there we could ski a total of almost 5000 vertical feet of powder to the valley. The names given to the runs are based on current Ski Patrol available through: ullrmaps [photo]1968WestBowl01.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 01 (South Side bowl)[/photo] First good earned turns down South Side.

[photo]1968WestBowl02.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 02 (South Side bowl)[/photo] Looking Back from end of traverse across South Bowl to Bagel Bowl.

[photo]1968WestBowl03.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 03 (Brian Rowley South Side bowl)[/photo] Brian Rowley (Mountain Manager) skiing South Side bowl.

[photo]1968WestBowl04.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 04 (Bagel bowl)[/photo] Heading down Bagel Bowl.

[photo]1968WestBowl05.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 05 (Cliff Jennings Bagel bowl)[/photo] Cliff Jennings skiing Bagel bowl.

[photo]1968WestBowl06.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 06 (Jamie Pike Bagel bowl)[/photo] Jamie Pike & Derek Henderson (ski instructor) skiing Bagel Bowl

[photo]1968WestBowl07.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 07 (Jamie Pike & Derek Henderson Bagel bowl)[/photo] Jamie Pike & Derek Henderson resting on Bagel Bowl

[photo]1968WestBowl08.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 08 (Cliff Jennings Stefans Chute)[/photo] Cliff Jennings top of Stefans Chute

[photo]1968WestBowl09.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 09 (Cliff Jennings Stefans Chute)[/photo] Cliff Jennings skiing in Stefans Chute

[photo]1968WestBowl10.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl 10 (Stefans Chute)[/photo] Skier in Stefans Chute

[photo]1968WestBowl11.jpg[caption]1968 West Bowl...

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