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1972 Whistler TV site on Sproatt Mountain 2nd descent
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 17:53:06
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: -1100m
Difficulty: 4: Steep chute was skied one at a time due to avalanche risk. Conditions lower down were challenging.
Skiing down Sproatt mountain after servicing the TV site
In the early days of Whistler there was a lack of communication with the outside world. The telephone system was through lines along the PGE railway & even the lodges were on party lines. The other lack of service was lack of access to outside news. Whistler TV Society constructed the repeater in 1966 to bring television to the valley. The society, spearheaded by the late Walter Zebrowski, was maintaining the site until 1999.

Whistler TV Society

Whistler Museum Walter Zebrowski

I spotted this steep chute from Whistler & used it for our next descent. [photo]1972TVsitechute.jpg[caption]1968 Whistler Bowl 02 (Cliff Jennings Peak)[/photo] This photo shows the upper part of the chute we skied after servicing the TV site.

[photo]1972TVsitechute01.jpg[caption]TV Site-Skiout South Chute 01[/photo] On the traverse to the chute.

[photo]1972TVsitechute02.jpg[caption]TV Site-Skiout South Chute 02[/photo] Dropping in to great powder.

[photo]1972TVsitechute03.jpg[caption]TV Site-Skiout South Chute 03[/photo] Deep powder in this narrow section.

[photo]1972TVsitechute04.jpg[caption]TV Site-Skiout South Chute 04[/photo] Breaking out into an opening.

[photo]1972TVsitechute05.jpg[caption]TV Site-Skiout South Chute 05[/photo] Nice pillows.

[photo]1972TVsitechute06.jpg[caption]TV Site-Skiout South Chute 06[/photo] Still good deep powder.

[photo]1972TVsitechute07.jpg[caption]TV Site-Skiout South Chute 07[/photo] Bucky our dog following behind

[photo]1972TVsitechute08.jpg[caption]TV Site-Skiout South Chute 08[/photo] Starting to hit some crust. Not long after this we hit a breakable...

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