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Brew to Cypress - A Fantastic Loop Hike
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.07 - 01:58:00
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Todd Podzini
Difficulty: 2: Mostly hiking, some route finding on Cypress.
An interesting loop as a dayhike.
I don't usually write reports of my trips, but this was such a great loop hike I wanted to share it and encourage people to try it out. I chose a crisp fall day and parked my feeble car at the 5.3km mark of the Roe Creek road, where the spur to the Brew Lake trail swichbacks up.

It was a pleasant walk up the road and then the trail to Brew Lake:

[photo]CUsersTPonziniDocumentsTrail.jpg[caption]Trail through meadows to lake[/photo]

[photo]CUsersTPonziniDocumentsLake.jpg[caption]Break time[/photo]

[photo]CUsersTPonziniDocumentsIMG_0779.JPG[caption]Climbing above the lake[/photo]

I checked out the Brew Hut, hiked up to summit Brew itself, and then traversed north of Hops and over Keg to reach the broad pass at the head of Roe Creek.

[photo]CUsersTPonziniDocumentsIMG_0786.JPG[caption]Looking across to Cypress[/photo]

[photo]CUsersTPonziniDocumentsTricouni.jpg[caption]Tricouni from near Keg[/photo]

[photo]CUsersTPonziniDocumentsRidge.jpg[caption]Superb cross country hiking north of Keg[/photo]

From the pass I hiked in a southwest direction to gain the north ridge of Cypress, which I scrambled to the summit. I tried to stay on the sharp crest of the ridge as much as possible, to achieve a sporting ascent, but loose rock required a few detours to the easier right (west) side. If one was to stay on the right side instead of the crest it is an easy scramble, probably class 2.

Views of the north side of Tricouni were quite good. To complete the loop I scrambled back down the north ridge and followed the trail back down to the top end of the Roe Creek road, which I walked down the roughly 3km back to the car.

The trip took 9.5 hours, and of course you could also do it clockwise, but this would mean hiking up the steep, loose, and tedious trail from...

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