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Mount Fraser near Pemberton
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 16:02:21
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 550m
Participants: Martin,Asia,Luna Bushy travel and bluffs on the way up, snowy ground and less bush on the way down. Basic routefinding.
Cross Owl Creek on the footbridge, cross the marshy meadows, head directly east to Mount Fraser up the bluffs.
Note: This is for the Mount Fraser as labelled on the 1982 92J07 Map, (Editors Note: this is now also the Mt. Fraser in the Bivouac database, previously the peak to the north was designated).

When I read the road report for Owl Creek Road a couple of weeks ago it got me looking on the map for the peaks near the end of the road. I saw Mount Fraser was pretty close and only 500m elevation gain. The only worries were crossing the marshy area between the two lakes and how bad the bush would be on the way up to Mt. Fraser.

[photo]fraser.jpg[caption]Mount Fraser from the McDonalds in Pemberton[/photo]

We drove up Saturday afternoon with the plan to hike Sunday morning. After driving as far as we could (the road is blocked by a tree 500m before the footbridge), we drove back down a bit and found a good campspot in a pullout off the logging road, with good views down to Lillooet Lake.

The next morning we drove back to where the road was blocked and walked the last 500m of road to the footbridge. We started hiking at an elevation of about 1140m. Owl Creek was flowing swiftly with a large volume of water. It would be very difficult to cross without a bridge or a log. [photo]footbridge.jpg[caption]Owl Creek Footbridge[/photo]

On the other side, we walked a bit further on the road with the plan to go across between the two lakes visible on the map. The ground was marshy but we managed to pick our way across without getting our feet wet. [photo]lake1.jpg[caption]The Southern smaller lake just after crossing Owl Creek[/photo]

Just above the valley the trail was a bit bushy, most of the bushes didn't have leaves yet or the leaves were small so it wasn't too bad. [photo]bush.jpg[caption]Bush[/photo]

At about 1280m we ran into a cliff band and went to the right....

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