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1969 Local Heli drop on Rainbow Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 15:57:37
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: -1600m
Participants: Brian Rowley (Mountain Manager), Keith Dickson, Cliff Jennings 3 others
Helicopter (Bell J47) made 2 drops on Rainbow Mountain for ski to the valley.
Dropped off near peak of Rainbow Mountain, near head of the South Chute then skied down & across creek staying high on the flank of Sproatt Mountain to catch the recently logged slope. Followed logging road to Alta Lake Road where we had a car waiting. [photo]1969RainbowMtn01.jpg[caption]1969 Rainbow Mtn 01[/photo] Keith Dickson near the summit of Rainbow Mountain with the Tantalus Range behind

[photo]1969RainbowMtn02.jpg[caption]1969 Rainbow Mtn 02[/photo] Look at the equipment we were skiing on (215 mm Rossignol Strato with turntable bindings & long thongs over leather boots).

[photo]1969RainbowMtn03.jpg[caption]1969 Rainbow Mtn 03[/photo] Notice the Garibaldi Lift Company patch on this employee with Head 360 skis.

[photo]1969RainbowMtn04.jpg[caption]1969 Rainbow Mtn 04[/photo] Looking back up the main chute which was mostly breakable sun crust.

[photo]1969RainbowMtn05.jpg[caption]1969 Rainbow Mtn 05[/photo] Brian Rowley enjoying the good powder in the gully.

[photo]1969RainbowMtn06.jpg[caption]1969 Rainbow Mtn 06[/photo] More good powder was found after traversing out of the gully

[photo]1969RainbowMtn08.jpg[caption]1969 Rainbow Mtn 08[/photo] Traversing into the logging slash above the road where we found the best snow

[photo]1969RainbowMtn09.jpg[caption]1969 Rainbow Mtn 09[/photo] Last view of Mount Currie, Weart & Wedge before dropping down to logging road for ski out to Alta Lake...

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