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1973 Day hike to Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes
Timestamp Free: 2019.10.17 - 12:04:12
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1050m
Participants: Jamie Campbell Cliff Jennings
Difficulty: 1: Easy hiking to Rainbow Lake then a bit of route finding to get to Gin Tonic
Day trip Rainbow Lake then over Gin Peak to Gin & Tonic & back to get view of Beverly Lake
Jamie Campbell (son of my wife Vivien's schoolfriend from England) was visiting on the way back home. We went for a day hike to Rainbow Lake, but arriving there quite early did a little side trip over Gin Peak down to Gin & Tonic Lakes then down to the Rainbow trail. Still having plenty of daylight we headed up past Rainbow Lake & up the shoulder of Rainbow Mountain getting a good view of Beverly Lake. Headed back down to the valley after enjoying the views.

[photo]1973RainbowLakes01.jpg[caption]1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 01[/photo] Jamie Campbell by Rainbow Falls

[photo]1973RainbowLakes02.jpg[caption]1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 02[/photo] Jamie & Bucky crossing Gin & Tonic Creek

[photo]1973RainbowLakes03.jpg[caption]1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 03[/photo] Rainbow Lake with Wedge & Weart Mountains in the background

[photo]1973RainbowLakes04.jpg[caption]1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 04[/photo] From Rainbow Pass looking down to Hanging Lake

[photo]1973RainbowLakes05.jpg[caption]1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 05[/photo] Bucky in small pond with great views of Overlord & Whistler Mountains between Sproatt & Tonic Peaks

[photo]1973RainbowLakes06.jpg[caption]1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 06[/photo] Looking down on Gin & Tonic Lakes

[photo]1973RainbowLakes07.jpg[caption]1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 07[/photo] Jamie & Bucky resting above on slope before descending to Gin & Tonic Lakes

[photo]1973RainbowLakes08.jpg[caption]1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 08[/photo] Gin & Tonic Lakes with South Face of Rainbow Mountain behind. We did a locals helicopter drop to ski that chute in 1969.

[photo]1973RainbowLakes09.jpg[caption]1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 09[/photo] Jamie & Bucky crossing creek below Rainbow...

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